[v1.3.8][WIP] SCP - Clean Breach [Re-Texture for low-end PCs]

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[v1.3.8][WIP] SCP - Clean Breach [Re-Texture for low-end PCs]

Postby SCP-9341-D » Mon Jul 17, 2017 6:34 pm

This is my first mod. It is, of course, a re-texture, that is because i don't have much experience on Blitz3D and on making models.

Clean Breach has a similar objective to the CleanTF2, (from Team Fortress 2) to make textures clean and light, so that the game can load faster and (maybe) get a better FPS. By clean i mean turning an white concrete wall into an completely white wall.

And by light, i mean reducing an texture's size. An example:

173's normal texture is of 269KB, i took it and reduced it to 44,4KB.
The size of the concrete wall (concretewall.jpg) is of 383KB, i took it and reduced it to 25,3KB.

Here are some screenshots of this mod:

The starting cell. Notice the clean walls and floor.

The doors and the keypad.

Le estatueta. His face is inspired from the video SCP - Containment Breach in a Nutshell.

The keycards. they only show their numbers and the mastercard and playing card show useless on them. OmniCard just shows Omni.

Currently there is no download link, but i will post it when i at least cleaned some of the items, the hud, 049 and 079.
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Re: [v1.3.8][WIP] SCP - Clean Breach [Re-Texture for low-end PCs]

Postby AgentParadox » Mon Jul 17, 2017 7:00 pm

What I can presume is that you'll make the glass into a clear texture, rather than making it look like dirty windows. In any case, good luck with the project.

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Re: [v1.3.8][WIP] SCP - Clean Breach [Re-Texture for low-end PCs]

Postby UnluckyCharms » Sat Jul 29, 2017 4:32 am

I have been able to install a copy of SCP: Containment Breach on my school computer, but the computer gets really hot (and lags) when I play the game. Will this be able to help?
Also, will models have less polygons?
P.S. Great mod! Keep up the work.
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Re: [v1.3.8][WIP] SCP - Clean Breach [Re-Texture for low-end PCs]

Postby Sylenth » Tue Dec 05, 2017 6:42 pm

Very nice previews! I hope my potato can run it.

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