[1.3.9] SCP - CB: Ao Oni Mod

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[1.3.9] SCP - CB: Ao Oni Mod

Postby ashadttt2 » Mon Jun 18, 2018 4:20 am

Yes I've decide to finally add a form on undertow games to show this amazing mod Me and a couple of developers on Moddb made

I didn't won't to show it at the early times cause of how people are these days >:(

But yes, I'm so glad I got some help with my mod, I thought I might have to give up on the mod and just call myself a failure :sad: :'( :oops: :oops:
But nope, Help finally came, so glad I get to finally bring my thoughts and ideas to my mod and see them come to life, it makes me feel like a mod developer again :)

So yes here it is the Ao Oni mod for SCP - Containment Breach
check out the images on moddb with the link to the mod

Mod Download
Full Patch


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