Re: How to kill SCP-682

i think THIS is how it works

gunfire < explosives < thermonuclear weaponry < the sun < black hole < supermassive black hole < SCP-682

if only we could get the "something that will destroy SCP-682" from 294 again
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Re: How to kill SCP-682

Serimah wrote:With 682's ability to adapt to ANYTHING I fear a black hole would not do much.
Sending it to the sun...? Maybe the temperature would be high enough for 682 to disintegrate.

It can't even be desintegrated with SCP-536 so nope
Don't put the gas away yet...

Re: How to kill SCP-682

SCP- :EXPUNGED: might kill (or at least totally impede) 682 but it doesn't exist yet, so basically we're all gonna die.

Or perhaps a far away parallel universe can help us, although finding such a universe
is tough, considering how we've dealt with parallel universe SCPs.

Wonder if he smoked some SCP-420-J though?
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Re: How to kill SCP-682

Precipitator wrote:Delete SCP Containment Breach XD... Not really... Actually think that SCPs and stuffs don't exist or something weird like that...
:682: I thought you liked me? :,,(

We are just discussing about fiction you know. No one here ever said they believed it was real.

But to be honest guys, there is no way to destroy him. He will adapt to EVERYTHING and thats what makes him cool. The fact that he is that OP. And sometimes i like to think about how he would adapt to something. And i remember reading about SCP-963, where Dr.Bright`s mind is inside and a testing log and they tried to make Dr.Bright control 682s body... well then some weird shit happened. 682 somehow is a supernatural unstoppable force and we dont know anything about him.