United Colonies Navy (Clan)

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United Colonies Navy (Clan)

Postby WarMonger » Fri Nov 17, 2017 6:56 pm

Enlist in the Navy today! Serve your colony with pride!

Upon finding a promising idea while digging around on this forum, I found that this project had been scuttled and done away with. The files were dumped out for us as the playerbase to use. It has been over a year since the project was cancelled, and I have picked it up to revive it. The UCN will be formed as a clan to give a sense of camaraderie and develop skilled crews. It will also serve to filter out griefers in the server by designating qualified member that are permitted to s serve on our ships. While we will have public missions, we hope to have one staff member monitoring the going ons at any time. In the UCN you will receive training in ship operations, earn ranks to progress towards leadership roles, and serve with a community that enjoys what it does.

An application will be posted as this main post is updated and added to. If interested, contact myself for information on signing up in the mean time.

J. Upchurch UCN-1001
Fleet Admiral
Staff Director - United Colonies Navy

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