A Community for Barotrauma.

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A Community for Barotrauma.

Postby AdmiralTalloran » Sat Dec 30, 2017 8:31 pm

I'm the owner, and manager of a not-so-small anymore community for Barotrauma.
The name is BioTrauma. You may have seen our server up once or twice.
('Wow. Original name.' You may be thinking, but it was at my own imagination and the word actually means 'damage to the lungs from using an artificial respirating device.' So, it kinda fits.)
Anyways, we host a number of different things.
We have serious RP game nights, where rules are strict, and the RP is the focus. We assign roles and things, like the XO, Weapons Officers, and more. Just to give you a brief taste.
We host semi-serious, public RP nights, where the rules are less strict, but RP is still a focus. Roles are what your job is, and there's not really too much focus on things other than to complete your mission and have fun.
We host S&D nights, where we mess around on search and destroy sometimes.
We have nights to mess around and have fun.
(We also support BaroTrauma Extended, and we use NilMod to run the server!)

But, we mostly focus on the roleplay. We have fair rules, which are there to make roleplaying more fun for everybody, and not just for the people in charge.
Our community (currently) has no whitelisting procedures and you can join whenever you would like. However, if you show that you can't play the game seriously when it's required, you will be kicked out.
Our punishments are strict, but fair, and our rules are easy to understand, so there shouldn't be much issue if you can read English.

If you'd like to join, feel free to come into our discord! We'd love to have you aboard our ship, and become part of this one-of-a-kind crew.

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