Rico6822 ideas, but it's version [] (will be updated over time)

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Rico6822 ideas, but it's version [] (will be updated over time)

Postby rico6822 » Mon Mar 05, 2018 12:54 pm

Let's make it possible for undocking vessels to be spared once the mission is completed in single player mode if vessel is in city's range and make it possible to return to them later, but already docking. The crew located within undocking vessel hulls will survive, but will not rejoin until vessels will reunite.

Sometimes artifact holders in the ruins have energy inside of them to be drained by wiring.

You can start the game with less, than 3 crew members and customize player's appearance with name in pair.

Fixed items hitboxes, so it is possible to interact with docking ports hidden behind hatches and doors.

Books: Reading them increases certain skill level, however very slowly, because 1 skill point per 10 minutes. Books can rise in total all skills individually by 10, unless it reaches level 70 for medical and construction skill and 60 for engineering and weapon skill.

Trees: Planting small trees can be used as backup source of oxygen, water for them is taken from flood or watering can. Gets destroyed if not watered regularly or from other physical causes.

Crowbars deals very small damage to walls and windows (at least no none).

You can upgrade with credits devices on the ship, like oxygen generator or nuclear generator. You can upgrade generated amount of oxygen by 10 for 800 credits, if amount is below 300 oxygen. You can allow batteries to restore energy by putting uranium bars into them, after that battery will restore 400 energy for bar, bars cannot be used again, upgrade cost is 2000. In submarine editor, player can edit upgrading with credits feature. Screen featuring upgrading during campaign mode is submarine editor, but only upgrades related to this feature can be done.

You can order you crew to navigate ship for reaching starting position, reaching the end, approaching target goal (will stop on 200 meters in range), maintain position or steer away from monsters.

You can order your crew members for medical assistance by either ordering them to heal wounds or preform CPR. They will not preform CPR if character is bleeding and will use bleeding removing items on them before CPR.

Operating railgun order can now be focused on searching for railgun shells to refill loaders. If there are more than one loader, all of them will be tried to refill.

Another variant of shells loading (4th variant of operating railgun), but this time member is allowed to take shells from other loaders not connected to railgun.

Hold "c" to crawl.

Fixed glitch causing players to be thrown outside submarine through walls by extremely strong shaking.

Fixed glitch making forcefully opened doors with crowbars pulling back players crossing them.

Trying to cut by locked doors of private cabins in tutorial will result in finding real items inside of the rooms.

Lonely battery inside the tutorial level will have a need at some point in tutorial to be wired to junction box in order to progress tutorial.

Pumps having "set_targetlevel" wired to something will always be active (griefers cannot now turn them off by simply removing bird from the box).

New railgun shell: Injection shell. Injection shells plugs in to enemies causing same damage as normal railgun shells, but does not pierce by them and does 0 bleeding. Injection shells attaches themselves to enemies for unlimited time, unless somebody with construction 30 skill or higher, plasma cutter and wiring tool will not do that manually. Injection shells can be thrown off monsters by monsters themselves, if those monsters are molochs or abyss watchers (they use their tentacles for that). If injection shell hits endworm or coalenth, that shell will be removed of endworm and coalenth in 30 seconds due to endworm's and coalenth's slippy bodies. Injection shells also attaches to structures, wasting power they have, but not medicals. Injection shells are injecting their content to monsters once per 10 seconds by syringe amounts, first injections on single monsters always gets injected immediately. Injection shells to inject always consumes power, that power is refilled by putting battery cells inside of them instead of medicals. If a injection shell filled with battery cell hits target, injection will deal 5 damage and stun target for 5 seconds, injection consumes 20% of battery cells energy. Injection shells attached to monsters drags them down due to their own weight. Injection shells can be armed only with syringe medicals and battery cells. To craft a injection shell, fabricator is needed with construction 50 skill or higher person in command. Crafting needs and consumes: Two steel bars, one polycarbonate bar, one copper bar, one syringe, one FPGA circuit and 30 seconds of time. Injection shell can be purchased in shop for 750 credits.

Stricter karma system: Less positive karma for good actions, more negative karma for evil actions.

Rags: Can be used to fix devices durability, that have not yet been broken by water to make them not work. Rags will lose their usage under flood immediately.

Console command to cure someone from husk infection.

All players are informed about their karma level and other player.

Updated tutorial dialogues: Now it says it's blue not green during sonar part.

Multiplayer campaign let's you choose only one class forever on current save file, player is informed about other player's classes and there is no limit for number of captains, assistants and other classes. Inventory gets saved upon ending mission and is not set to default, when another one begins.

You can now buy headsets, clown equipment and even jumpsuits in the shop.

In case of having ID card being lost due to not being in ship's hulls it will respawn near player upon new mission started.

Campaign mode enables player to have a need for food and thirst in order to survive. Thirst can be refilled alternatively by being under flood with no mask and diving suit equipped, since it drains faster. Food can be refilled only by successful mission completed together with thirst. In the future: concept may be changed for eating real food and drinking real water to survive.

Sinks: Because, why not? Sinks consumes no power, and have no wiring at all, since they take water from ocean. If sink gets broken 30 construction skill or higher character can fix it up, using wielding tool and wrench.

All skills can be risen to randomly generated limit amount, depending on who is natural born skilled in.

Intellect: Higher IQ means characters takes shorter time to learn skills. Intellect is scattered by 4 base game skills, it also judges how high maximum amount of certain skill is by above mentioned suggestion.

Sprinting for too long drains oxygen, low enough oxygen disables sprint or drains hp and slows sprint. Player with low hp and oxygen at the same time cannot sprint at all.

A.I. crew members can be ordered to read books in 4 variants depending on targeted skill.

Players can rise their skill level observing others crew members doing their jobs, under condition their skill level is higher than observer.

Hurting low karma players, who just again during round made something lowering karma increases personal karma level.

Console command to set someone karma level.

Pumps are having state_out wiring attachment.

Artifact missions doesn't tell you how much credits you receive after completing task, player can get more, if he salvages more than one artifact or will take something else from ruins.

Resources in campaign mode, which got wasted partly of fully will be restored only after a mission was successfully completed, player will kill a lot of monsters or took many items from the ruins. Resources will always be replenished upon completing main task, in other case player must salvage enough other alien items or kill monsters to gain authority. If salvaged item was thermal artifact or killed monster was endworm items will always be restored.

Upkeep feature: Hiring crew members does not consume money, but upkeep does. Player pays crew credits, before the mission. If player does not pay credits, he will have his crew member leave him.

Having crew members in campaign mode die consumes credits, if player has no credits he must load the game and try again.

Artifact missions may mention, that because signal is changing it's position often, this may be moloch.

"Salvaging a Direct" mission is renamed to "The Ghost Ship" and player will always be informed, that vessels coming back from the abyss are hostile and crewless. The player is informed in beginning he will have to destroy growth controlled shuttle.

Updated endworms: Endworms are now 25% faster, they take 10% less damage when not hit in mouth and they drain player health at moderate speed, when player is near endworm (spiky armor). Endworms can also move along themselves in order to attack the player, meaning endworms are finally aggressive towards humans. Endworms are attacking humans only, when no submarine is presented.

NOTE: you don't have to make those ideas exactly as they are described.
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If polish players can play barotrauma and barotrauma takes place in space, than Poland can into space.

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Re: Rico6822 ideas, but it's version [] (will be updated over time)

Postby rico6822 » Wed Mar 07, 2018 2:43 pm

About that injection shell. It's main pros, is that player does not risk close range explosion and has the best chance to use the same shell ever again upon successful hit. If a shell has morbusine inside, that morbusine on full pack will deal 2400 damage plus shell's hit will make from 100 to 200 damage and stuns target for short.

It needs copper bar, because it needs to plug into targets somehow.
If polish players can play barotrauma and barotrauma takes place in space, than Poland can into space.

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