Prone + Door-Sensors

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Prone + Door-Sensors

Postby QuickLoad » Mon Feb 20, 2017 10:54 pm

A couple of suggestions that i'm passing on from inspiration or people:

Prone: Going prone via V or a control which allows the player to fit into those tight vents found on the nalhennia or other ships. Currently the only way to go prone is have water flood a location, and use a water scooter. Thus when the hull is breached in one of these 'vents' or bilge pipes, you have to intentionally flood the ship to get to the said location, causing many problems.(usually outdoor repair will fix this problem, but the damage can be internal and will serve a large problem.)

Door-Sensor: (originally thought of Human-Sensor), but I figured that isn't the most realistic approach.
We have water-sensors which when hooked properly to a door, can close the door when water is aside it(along with general usage such as detecting water on another side of the wall), it will simply sense water and trigger whatever it's linked to(lights, door, alarm, etc). We proposed that a sensor for humans may be useful, opening and closing whenever a human is near a door for example. But I thought that it should also include something that doesn't excluse aliens, for example we can say that the sensor will detect the humanoid shape(which includes both husks and humans). The original idea was to help cope with AI and doors.

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Re: Prone + Door-Sensors

Postby Sir_Jay » Sat Mar 18, 2017 3:41 pm

So like an infrared sensor? Or NFC chip kind of thing?

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Re: Prone + Door-Sensors

Postby chikoeduardo » Sat Mar 18, 2017 4:20 pm

Motion Sensors are actually in the game already. Alien Ruins have them to detect intruders and close doors. It's possible to mod them so they use custom sprites and work with wiring. I already did. :P

You can use them to make automatic doors, automatic lights, security alarms to detect people in off limits areas, etc. I think they only work with humans, though. It might also work on recently turned Husks too since they are still registered as humans and will continue to hit each other whenever they get close to one another.

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