Plastic/Riot Shield

A very thick riot shield which only covers 1/4th or 1/2 of the body, given to security guards for the second slot.

It will break when damaged by monsters or railguns or harpoons, etc.

It can block the path of players, and is designed for indoor use as it will slow down swimming.
This in general is to help security guards stop suspects who are armed, or suspects who try to flee through places.
Many times I see a officer just trying to cordon off an area and people can just run by no problem.

The security guard is still exposed to fire on his legs, and head. Shields for as long as I can remember in modern usage are used to protect vital organs or the triangle-torso location.
Four harpoons, or the similar amount of damage done with the variety of melee weapons will shatter the shield. Attacks to the shield will push the shield's user back slightly. The shield is permenantly raised, so the officer should put it away when not in use.(he'll be blocking everyone, anyways).
It can't be coupled with climbing ladders, or does so extremely slow(similar to diving suit). this is also to help make officers not have them out 24/7.
they should also slow the officer while in water.

as usual, this is a collaboration suggestion and everything is not just focused on what I said up there, but revolves around the idea of it.

(and yes I thought of ballistic shields, but thought they would be too OP)

Re: Plastic/Riot Shield

haha, I thought of this a while ago, when encountering a bunch of knobheads in MP who would refuse to yield to security threats and complain that they were getting their ass beat.
How about adding full body protection when crouching?

Re: Plastic/Riot Shield

actually regular security armor is very tough, just get bandages and corrigdone and git gud.(unless you get shot into the legs, then if you don't have medic around or auxzuline it's most likely rip). and regular crew members(excluding captain), have very low weapons skill, so as long as you keep your distance they will keep hitting floor and ceiling and eventually will run out of ammo.
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