Chat Stuff and Bans

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Chat Stuff and Bans

Postby Utmanarn » Mon Dec 11, 2017 8:36 pm

Hello! I just love this game right now but I only have a few small problems...
1st: There has to be a much easier way for Players and Admin/Host to privately chat... the system right now (where you have to write "username";) is not optimal. Something that could help would be a Player to Admin chat where you...
a) Write like "a;" and then message (like the radio but for admin and that player only)
b) Click a button and type a message (like the admin's ban/kick message)
Or you can use something that is much more effective.

2nd: There has to be an easier way to ban players that DC... Right now (from what I know) you have to search for their join event in the debug console... and sometimes it's not there! So it becomes almost impossible to ban players that stay for a while then decide to break stuff and leave
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