[] Cayon Content Packs and Mods

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[] Cayon Content Packs and Mods

Postby Kanade » Sat Feb 04, 2017 12:24 pm

Hello everyone!
Me and my friend Yoyo made 3 Content Packs for Barotrauma with some new items and vessels.

List of Content Packs
1. Cayon 0.1
Just like vanilla but there is a special map called "Vellamo - Cayon" and there are some new items.
2. Cayon - Mini 0.1
There are 5 jobs:
-Crew Member Red
-Crew Member Green
-Crew Member Blue
-Crew Member Orange
3. Cayon - Ultra 0.1
There are 5 jobs:
-Weapon Specialist
-Mercenary - A soldier for destroy enemy vessels
-Maintance Supervisor - Supervisor for Mechanics and Engineers, have to keep the vessel clean

There are some changes to the monters too:
Endworm's health is now 7500
Mantis's health is not 350
Molochs health is now 2000
Tigerthresher's health is not 550

List of items:
1. M4A1
A machine gun that uses bullets to shoot, very powerfull at killing other people or small monsters.
Have 3 types of bullets:
-Incendiary bullet
-Explosive bullet
-Normal Bullet
2. Rocket Launcher
A very powerfull rocket launcher that can be used to destroy other vessels or big monsters.
Have two types of rockets: Incendiary Rocket and Normal Rocket
3. Grenade Launcher
Just like every grenade launcher: shoots bullets that have a delay before they explode
4. Suicide Bomb
When you click right and click left it will explode with a high explosion
5. Ultra Scooter
Very fast scooter, uses normal batteries
6. Nuclear Scooter
Scooter for long distances: uses fuel rods
7. Other variations of jumpsuits:
-Red Jumpsuit
-Green Jumpsuit

Guthub repo
Download link
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Re: [] Cayon Content Packs and Mods

Postby RaptorBlackz » Thu Feb 16, 2017 12:55 pm

This content sounds awesome, Especially the new jobs/weaponry.
One question, With the new 5.4.2 patch how do i go about installing the mod?

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Re: [] Cayon Content Packs and Mods

Postby Kanade » Sun Mar 19, 2017 8:41 pm

Unrar the file, put all folders in barotrauma folder, open barotrauma launcher and then select the content pack.

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