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Re: Barotrauma Extended v1.7

Postby chikoeduardo » Wed Mar 15, 2017 5:10 am

Earlier update, lads. A game-breaking bug was reported so this couldn't wait. Here's the changelog:

Mod Changes:
-Removed the handcuff ability for wires. Wires being able to do this would prevent them from being useable in the editor or by players to do rewiring.
-Added a new item, Coilcuffs. This will be the craftable makeshift handcuffs now. No skill requirements to craft. Couldn't name them Wirecuffs for some weird issue.
-Added a drink item, Beer. It slightly heals but it makes players really slow.
-Added a drink item, Red Wine. Expensive but the effects last for longer.
-Added a new food item, Potato. Eating it raw gives speed penalties. It's mostly a food crafting ingredient.
-Added a new food item, Carrot. Eating it raw doesn't give speed penalties.
-Edited the sprite for Mantis Meat so it's easier to differentiate from the new ones.
-Added a new food item, Thresher Meat. Mantis meat is slightly better than this one, at least when just fried.
-Added a new "food" item, Human Meat. This is in the files but it cannot be found in the game yet, only thru cheating or the editor.
-Added more cargo delivery missions to the list and edited some of the other missions.
-Added a new skill, Cooking. It's a required skill for food crafting.
-Added a new machine, Electric Oven. It's the crafting station for food making. Might be used for makeshift chem/medicine crafting in future updates.
-Food needs to be cooked for better stat boost. Meat can be eaten raw but has penalties now. Cooked food can be put in cans but will continue to degrade.
-Raw Food and Food Cans can be bought now. Food Cans can also be crafted now.

Nehalennia Mark II's Changes:
-Added a Canteen room. It only has an Electric Oven and a Food Cabinet for now. Doors are automatic so anyone has access to it.
-Removed some waypoints so the AI controlled crew members are less annoying.
-Edited some of the items found around the sub and added new ones.

-Wires can be used normally again. I didn't realize having them work like handcuffs would affect their ability to be used to wire electrical devices.
-The warning prompt about objects far from the sub was being caused by the wirecuffs from version 1.6 so it doesn't happen now.

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Re: Barotrauma Extended v1.8

Postby chikoeduardo » Fri Mar 17, 2017 7:32 pm

New update! Here's the changelog:

Mod Changes:
-Added a furniture item, Steel Table. It can be used to store up to 4 small items in its drawer. It can be picked up and placed down.
-Added a furniture item, Steel Chair. It's purely decorative. It can be picked up and placed down in case it gets knocked down.
-Added a new clothing item, Welding Helmet. It's fire-proof and offers some armor but obstructs vision and gives slight speed penalties.
-Added a new clothing item, Crewmember Beanie. It's a vanity headgear so it's just for looks.
-Added a new clothing item, Crewmember Cap. Another vanity headgear for more player customization.
-Added a new clothing item, Crewmember Vest. It's a sleeveless variation of the Sweater.
-Added a new clothing item, Crewmember Jumper. It's a variation of the Sweater with room for 1 small item.
-Edited the look of Crewmember Berets so they look more like actual berets.
-Edited some of the male/female head sprites to make them compatible with all the headgear items.
-Edited the starting gear and inventory of some of the available jobs.
-Reduced the skill requirements to fire the Harpoon Gun, Spear Gun, Dart Gun and the Revolver because it was affecting accuracy a lot.
-Increased the travel speed of Heavy Spears and Tranquilizer Darts so they fly in a less arched manner and reach further.
-Revolver Bullets now produce a faint light when fired and will stop once they hit something.
-Added a new crafting station, Tool Kit. It's used to craft makeshift and emergency items. Unlike the Fabricator, it uses no power and can be carried.
-Added a new item, Hot Can. It's a Food Can rigged with Thermite Powder which damages the contents on impact. It's especially useful when filled with impact-tolerant explosives.
-Renamed Coilcuffs to Copper Coil. Apart from being used as improvised handcuffs, they will be crafting components for mostly makeshift weapons.
-Stun Batons consume less battery power now.
-Added a new weapon, Stun Rod. It's a makeshift version of the Stun Baton. It uses lots of battery power and the shock is a bit more lethal.
-Added a new food item, Crawler Meat. It's similar to Mantis meat but has shorter effects.
-Added 3 more cooking recipes for the Electric Oven.
-Rebalanced stats applied by most food items. They heal slightly more but they actually give slight speed penalties because who can move faster when just fed.
-Thresher meat and crafted food that include it are the only food that gives speed boosts now.
-Fixed Seamen and Prisoners not having the Cooking Skill.

Nehalennia Mark II's Changes:
-Added 2 Steel Tables and 3 Steel Chairs in the Canteen.
-Added Cans with Crawler Meat into the food cabinet in the Canteen.
-Added a Steel Chair in the General Crew Cabins.
-Added a Tool Kit in Engineering, next to the Fabricator.

-Never double click the Tool Kit while you are carrying it. It will crash the game. This probably happens because crafting stations are not supposed to be carried.
-This version of the mod is incompatible with old saved games. Starting a new game is required.

Feedback question.

The Hot Can I implemented with this last update gave me an idea. Should I remove the Stun, Thermate and Blast grenades and make an empty grenade that detonates the contents on a set timer?

I could call it HTM, short for Hand Thrown Munition. This means instead of making different grenades, I could make different payloads, which could also be compatible with Railgun Shells and Depth Charges.

Or should I just implement this new grenade type and add new payloads but also keep the other 3 grenades?

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Re: Barotrauma Extended v1.9

Postby chikoeduardo » Tue Mar 21, 2017 11:58 am

Updated to v1.9 just uploaded. Here's the changelog:

Mod Changes:
-Added a new item, Aluminium Bat. It can only be found in a Special Delivery mission crate or by cheating. It hits hard and stuns for a second.
-Edited the Metal Crate sprite to be smaller. Stats are not affected, it's only a graphical edit.
-Added a new container, Metal Footlocker. These use the old Metal Crate sprite. They can hold 10 small/medium/big sized items.
-Added more cargo delivery mission to the list and edited some of the other missions.
-Renamed Nuclear Shell to Railgun Fusion Shell. They cannot hold items inside and will cause less damage. They cannot be crafted now.
-Depth Charge Shells can hold up to 2 items and can be crafted now.
-Renamed Nuclear Depth Charge to Depth Charge Fusion Shell. They cannot hold items inside and will cause more damage now.
-All Railgun and Depth Charge Shells will cause some stun damage now.
-Added a new submarine weapon, Mine Layer Tube. Similar to Depth Charge Tube but this one aims to the left.
-Added a new ammo type, Depth Mine Shell. These are similar to Depth Charges but they barely sink.
-Renamed Blast Grenade to Concussion Grenade and fixed their recycling recipe, which was giving Stun Grenade materials instead.
-Added a new weapon, HTM Grenade. A Hand Thrown Munition is a reusable steel casing with timer-based detonator that will detonate anything put inside when thrown.
-Added a new explosive, Shockwave Block. Anything caught in its blast radius will get stunned and hurled. Will deal enough structural damage to break windows.
-Added a new explosive, Destroyer Block. It's more powerful than the Blast Block in all aspects.
-Edited some of the crafting/recycling recipes and added new ones. Most items in the game can be recycled now.
-Edited the Density of some misc items so they float/sink at different speeds.
-Edited some weapons and ammo to have knockback effect.
-Edited the subdirectory submarines so they are playable with the new changes.

Nehalennia Mark II's Changes:

-Edited all Ladders so they "release" the characters by going straight up.
-Added an extra Depth Charge Loader in the Railguns Room.
-Moved the Depth Charge Tube trigger to Command and only the Captain or Assistant have clearance to use it.
-Added a Mine Layer Tube outside Engineering, next to the Engine.
-Added two Mine Layer loaders in the Railguns Room.
-The trigger to lay mines is in Command and only the Captain or Assistant have clearance to use it.
-Edited some of the items found around the sub and added new ones.

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Re: Barotrauma Extended v2.0

Postby chikoeduardo » Tue Mar 28, 2017 1:56 am

It's been a while so update tiem! Here's the changelog:

Mod Changes:
-Added a new food item, Snailfish Meat. It has weaker effects than Crawler meat.
-Added a new food item, Flour. It cannot be consumed on its own but it's a cooking ingredient for better food. It degrades when in water.
-Added more cooking recipes, edited some of the ones added in the previous updates and made some editing to the sprites.
-Aluminium can now be in Bar or Powder form for different crafting recipes. Recycling a bar will give 2 units of powder.
-Added a recycling recipe to turn Copper Bars into Powder.
-Edited some recipes to use powder instead of bars. Since powder is half a bar, small items won't require an entire bar to be crafted now.
-Edited some containers, furniture and other items to stop them from appearing behind crafting stations, engines, etc.
-Steel Chairs can be thrown now. They can be used to break windows and will knock characters over if they land near them.
-Steel Tables will knock characters over if they land near them. It usually happens when the sub crashes or gets hit really hard.
-Removed the "Use" function from Food Cans, since they do nothing with that.

Nehalennia Mark II's Changes:
-Increased the size of the Canteen and added an extra food cabinet with some goods in it.
-Moved the Medical Bay to fit the new Canteen and made some small aesthetic changes to that deck in particular.
-Added on/off switches for the Fabricator, Medical Fabricator and Deconstructor as a way to save power and reduce power grid load.
-Added switches to toggle "power in" on and off for the Batteries. Turn off when Batteries are fully charged to reduce power grid load.
-Moved the Relay components for the batteries to more accessible spots in case they fry and need repair.
-Renamed the Railguns room to Weapons and edited/added labels around the submarine.
-The Airlock is partially automatic now. Opening the Airlock door will close the the Bilge/Airlock one and closing it will revert the action and drain the water.
-The Bilge has been optimized by the new Airlock system so water is drained faster. Bilge Pump is powered by Life Support and Airlock Pump gets power from Storage.
-Added override switches for the Bilge/Airlock and the Ballast doors and removed their access panels. Overriding is the only way to manually open/close them now.
-The Engine is powered by a battery now. Being partially separated from the main grid reduces power surges, which means less chances of fires across the decks.
-Engine Battery receives most of the power fluctuation now, which might fry its relay component and sometimes cause a fire in the worst of cases.
-Added an alert system for the engine In Engineering and Command. Lights react to power surges and they turn off when something is wrong with the relay.
-Fixed some lamps having different stats than others and edited some of them to make lighting a bit more dimmer.

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Re: Barotrauma Extended v2.1

Postby chikoeduardo » Fri Mar 31, 2017 7:19 pm

Mod update for today. Here's the changelog:

Mod Changes:
-Added a new door type, Duct Block. It's a tiny door that can be used to block ducts in bilge systems, for instance. It needs less skill to repair.
-Added recipes to turn metal powders back into bars. Useful for emergency purposes.
-Added a new type of spear, Training Spear. It's a polycarbonate spear that does more stun damage and doesn't stick to targets. It's a last resort weapon.
-Added a new type of spear, Aluminium Spear. It's the second weakest type of spear. It's a crafting option in case there's no steel bars around.
-Replaced Spear with Copper Spear. Same stats, different color. Recycling wires to make one of these could come in handy in case of emergency.
-Replaced Heavy Spear with Steel Spear. Same stats and it only requires a steel bar to make. It's the best one available so far.
-Both the Harpoon Gun and Spear Gun can use all type of spears now. They also display recoil animations when firing.
-Revolvers won't work underwater now. They will slowly recover functionality once out of the water. They also display recoil animation when firing.
-Added a new chem, Gun Powder. The only way to obtain it is by deconstructing Shockwave Blocks or Revolver Bullets. You'll get 4 units of Gun Powder per block.
-Added a new ammo type, Revolver HL Bullet. It's a custom upgraded ammo with higher stopping power but slightly less damage output.
-Revolver ammo have chances to lodge into characters so they are easier to find now.
-Changed the skill requirements for some crafting recipes. Handloading and explosives crafting require the Weapons skill, for instance.
-Stun Rods now require an Aluminium Spear instead of a Steel one to craft.
-Potassium now reacts violently with water, causing a small explosion. Submarines are not dry places so moving around with them might slowly deteriorate them.
-Added a new explosive type, Wetbomb Block. It's similar to a Blast Block but this one also detonates when in contact with water.
-It's possible to store up to 3 small items in plastic bags now. Plastic Bags will only protect the contents from fire or water if they are in an inventory slot.

Nehalennia Mark II's Changes:
-Added a control panel in Life Support to switch the oxygen generator on and off. Only the Captain or Assistant have clearance to use it.
-Added Duct Blocks to every room connected with the Bilge System. The previous Emergency Signal panels now open/close the Blocks in these rooms.
-The Emergency Alert system has been replaced by an extended Bilge Alert system. It now displays which rooms have their Duct Blocks on/off.
-Added a Duct Control system in Command. The upper panel turns local Duct Blocks on/off and the lower panel connects all Duct Blocks with the upper panel.
-Reinforced the walls protecting the Ballast, Bilge and Airlock.
-Deleted some redundant structures and made some minor aesthetical edits.

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