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Re: Barotrauma Extended v2.5

Postby chikoeduardo » Wed Aug 09, 2017 5:30 am

Aaaaand yet another update. Here's the changelog:

Mod Changes:
-Added a new Railgun ammunition, Railgun Steel Spear. It does a lot of damage and bleeding to a single target.
-Added a new Railgun ammunition, Railgun Copper Spear. It's less effective than steel ones but still deadly.
-Added a new Railgun ammunition, Railgun Aluminium Spear. An even weaker option but it can still mortally wound small creatures.
-Added a new Railgun ammunition, Railgun Plastic Spear. It's an option, in case a crew has no other materials to work with.
-Added a new Reactor fuel type, Fulgurium Fuel Rod. It generates fission at a slower rate than the other fuel rods but it lasts a lot longer.
-Thermite Fuel Rods don't damage Reactors as much and even one of them generates enough temperature to keep the Reactor working underwater.
-Edited the skill requirements and recipes to make or recycle fuel rods.
-Putting Liquid Oxygenite in a Plastic Bag and wearing it turns it into a makeshift diving mask. It only works for a short period of time and causes damage.
-Putting powders in a Plastic Bag and wearing it will worsen the suffocation and cause damage. Health damage depends on the powders inside the bag.
-The trousers used by the vanilla crew are now their own wearable item, Crewmember Trousers. They offer 2 inventory spaces.
-The crew now uses underwear as default legwear so the ones with no profession related trousers will spawn equipped with Crewmember Trousers.
-Edited some of the uniform sprites and their limb depths so they look better.

Nehalennia Mark II's Changes:
-Replaced most of the Railguns loaded ammunition shells with Steel Spears.
-Optimized the Oxygen distribution in the sub to avoid suffocation in small rooms unless more than one crew member is in them.
-Inverted the duct system. Now they are all opened by default to prevent deaths from water pressure in case of a hull breach.
-Added a button right next to the engine to turn it on and off by cutting the power to it.
-Added a form of bumper structures to absorb collision impact damage in case of sinking or re-surfacing too fast.
-The bumper structures at the bottom also work as anchor when the sub sinks into the seabed and might prevent the sub to slip to the sides.
-All of the exterior walls are now heavy walls so the sub should be more resistant to damage.
-Removed some redundant/unneeded structures and items from the sub as a way to reduce lag.
-Made some aesthetic changes to the sub.


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Re: Barotrauma Extended v2.6

Postby chikoeduardo » Fri Aug 11, 2017 6:37 pm

Small new update for today. Here's the changelog:

Mod Changes:
-Added a new grenade type, Gas Can. It's a tin can rigged to release a colourless gas that contaminates oxygen. Specially effective in sealed rooms.
-The Ancient Weapon can now be loaded with Shards instead of Tanks. Shards act as ammo for it so it won't fire unless it's loaded with one.
-Oxygenite Shard is the standard ammo for the Ancient Weapon and degrades at a moderate speed. It will explode if depleted completely.
-Thermite Shard degrades at a slow speed so it's the ammo that lasts the most but it will explode and generate a fire if depleted completely.
-Sulphurite Shard degrades fast and will absorb oxygen when used. It will contaminate a lot of oxygen in a room when it breaks or if depleted completely.
-Fixed some recipes that were requiring the wrong materials or crafting time.
-Fixed the Diving Suit having no boots and showing bare feet instead.

Nehalennia Mark II's Changes:
-Fixed Seaman Class crew members spawning in the Assistant spawn point and getting Command ID cards.

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Re: Barotrauma Extended v2.7

Postby chikoeduardo » Mon Aug 14, 2017 7:05 pm

New update for today, lads. It does a lot of changes to content already in the game/mod but I did added some new features too. Here's the changelog for more info:

Mod Changes:
-The mod is now compatible with Barotrauma version of the game.
-Modified all trousers so they look a bit more detailed and not too big on female crew members.
-All clothing items now offer a bit of armor but also reduce the wearer's speed depending on the garment(s).
-Renamed Crewmember Trousers to Crewmember Cargo Trousers. They have 3 inventory slots now.
-Renamed Doctor's Trousers to Crewmember Trousers. These still have 2 inventory slots but they are now used by other crew classes.
-The Utility Jumpsuit now offers 5 inventory slots.
-Modified the Clown Suit sprites so they look better.
-Artifact Holders can now recharge/repair depleted shards back to full condition.
-Replaced Stun Grenade with Flash Charge. It's pretty much the same explosive but is now a payload, meaning it can be loaded into an HTM Grenade, for instance.
-Flash Powder cannot be crafted now. The only way to obtain it is to deconstruct a Flash Charge, which will yield 4 units of Flash Powder.
-Replaced Shockwave Block with Propellant Charge. It has less knockback to avoid clipping-through-walls bugs and also have slightly different stats.
-Replaced Gun Powder with Propellant Powder. It can be obtained in different quantities by deconstructing most explosives.
-Replaced Concussion Grenade with Concussion Charge. It has slightly different anti-personnel stats but is more versatile as a payload.
-Replaced Blast Block with Blast Charge. It's an upgraded version of the Concussion Charge with a bigger blast radius and generally better stats.
-Replaced Destroyer Block with Destroyer Charge. It's an anti-submarine payload so it does more structural damage. It's also impact sensitive.
-Added a new explosive, Demolition Charge. It's an upgraded version of the Destroyer Charge and is even more impact sensitive.
-Replaced Thermate Block with Thermate Charge. It's pretty much the same but is now impact sensitive.
-Replaced Wetbomb Block with Wetbomb Charge. It has slightly different stats but it behaves the same, meaning it detonates when in contact with water.
-Explosive Charges are now crafted in the Medical Fabricator since they are reactive substances and/or chemicals. All of them are also fire sensitive too.
-Removed TNT and RDX. Cargo delivery missions regarding those explosives now work with some of the Explosive Charges instead.
-Nitroglycerin can be bought since it's a crafting ingredient now. It also degrades slower over time.
-Increased the price and structural damage caused by Railgun Fusion Shells and Depth Charge Fusion Shells.
-Reduced the damage caused by all Railgun Spears but the plastic ones.
-Added more item descriptions and fixed some typos in some of the ones added in the previous updates.
-Replaced some of the obsolete items with the new counterparts ones in all vanilla subs edited to work with this mod.

Nehalennia Mark II's Changes:
-Replaced some of the obsolete items with the new counterparts ones and made some other item edits around the sub.

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Re: Barotrauma Extended v2.8

Postby chikoeduardo » Mon Aug 21, 2017 5:14 am

New update for today. Here's the changelog:

Mod Changes:
-Added a new reactor type, Diesel-Electric Generator. It provides power at a slower rate so it's useful as an emergency generator or to power a small grid.
-Added a new reactor fuel, Diesel Can. It's a plastic can with fuel for Diesel-Electric Generators. It's flammable but it causes no explosions, only fires.
-Added a new spear type, Hollowhead Spear. It's a one-use modified spear that can be loaded with weak explosives. It can only be fired with Harpoon Guns.
-Added a new dart type, Bleedout Dart. It's a craftable poisonous dart that causes massive bleeding damage to a target.
-Increased the stun damage caused by the Stun Baton.
-Renamed Stun Rod to Shock Rod and edited its sprite, recipe and stats. It does a bit less stun damage and some physical damage.
-Rebalanced the damage of some weapons and the armor value of some clothing/armor pieces.
-Edited the sprite for the Aluminium Bat. It's a bit shorter now.
-Added a new chemical, Fulgurium Powder. It's obtained by deconstructing a Fulgurium Bar. It's used in some crafting recipes and can be crafted back into bars.
-Changed the properties of Fulgurium power sources. They are weaker but they last longer and slowly recharge on their own unless completely depleted.
-Added Tool Kit recipes to restore Fulgurium power sources back to full charge. They require no skills, The Fulgurium power source and a specific chemical.
-Edited the power consumption of most items that require batteries.
-Fixed a bug in one of the special delivery missions, which was trying to spawn an obsolete item.
-Fixed a bug preventing Fuel Rods from being able to be carried in the left hand.
-Fixed the Plastic Spear making stabbing sounds when used as melee weapon.

Nehalennia Mark II's Changes:
-Replaced the Nuclear Reactor with a Diesel-Electric Generator. The sub has a low power consumption most of the time so it actually works with it.
-Replaced Fuel Rods with Diesel Cans, which are stored in the Cabinets just outside the Engine Room, in Engineering.
-Added a small Engine Room with an automatic door In Engineering. It should keep fires at bay in case the voltage spikes cause any.
-Moved all the vents to the ceilings because water from flooding can block the oxygen flow from them. Removed the vent in Storage and one in Weapons.
-Replaced the Harpoon Guns in the Armory and the Dart Gun in the Officers Quarters with new ones so they can use the new ammo types.
-Made some aesthetic changes to the sub.


Notes on the Diesel-Electric Generator:
As mentioned in the changelog, it provides power at a slower rate than a reactor and will catch fire around 3500 temperature and break if it reaches 4000.
It doesn't explode when it breaks and it only needs mechanical repairs but will deteriorate some of the oxygen in the room.
It only has room for 2 cans of Diesel and having it filled will increase its power rate but also the speed at which the generator degrades.
Water doesn't affect its efficiency as much and it will continue to run but at an even slower rate.
In the event of a fire, all the cans of Diesel inside will catch fire and generate even more fire. The cans of Diesel can also be thrown.

EDIT: I just replaced the download link. I forgot to delete some stuff that is not supposed to be in the folders.

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Re: Barotrauma Extended v2.9

Postby chikoeduardo » Sun Aug 27, 2017 7:53 pm

Day off today so update time. Here's the changelog:

Mod Changes:
-Added a new machine, Oxygen Module. It's a compact Oxygen Generator without the ability to refill oxygen tanks.
-Added a new container, Diving Chest. It's a neutrally buoyant underwater container. Useful for divers requiring extra carrying capacity outside the sub.
-Metal crates are bigger but their stats are pretty much the same.
-All containers, chairs and tables can be recycled now. They are also available in stores.
-Renamed the Welding Fuel Tank to Thermite Tank. They have slightly different stats and explosion blast.
-Edited the look of the Welding Tool and made it so it can use all gas tanks as welding fuel but Thermite Tanks are best.
-Plasma Cutters can now use all gas tanks as fuel but Oxygenite Tanks are best. They also carry the loaded tank at the end of the grip now.
-Diesel-Electric Generator degrades at a slightly slower rate and will display a harmless smoke explosion when it breaks.
-Alien Doors and Hatches will display a harmless camera-shake explosion when destroyed as a way to let players know when they are finally broken.
-The Underwater Scooter doesn't consume Fulgurium Batteries as fast and is neutrally buoyant, meaning it will barely sink when released.
-Edited the density of most objects so they sink/float at different speeds.
-Added sound and small harmeless firing effects to Depth Charge and Mine Layer Tubes.
-Removed the smoke and fire effects from firing railguns. They were not displayed underwater but still applied.
-Edited some of the crafting recipes.

Nehalennia Mark II's Changes:
-Replaced Most Buttons in Command with Basic Switches.
-Mines and depth charges can now be fired from railgun controllers in Command, which are also wired to cameras near the firing tubes.
-Moved the Engine On/Off Button to Command and replaced it with a Basic Switch.
-Added a switch to turn On/Off the pumps in the Ballast.
-Added an Oxygen Module in Life Support, which only provides oxygen to Command, while the Oxygen Generator provides for the rest of the sub.
-Added two switches in Command to turn On/Off the Oxygen. One for the Oxygen Module and the other for the Oxygen Generator.
-Replaced welding equipment and plasma cutters so they work with the new changes.
-Added a double window in the front part of the Bridge. Creatures will have to break both of them to enter but they rarely get attacked.
-Made some aesthetic changes to the sub and edited some of the items found around.

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Re: Barotrauma Extended v3.0

Postby chikoeduardo » Sun Sep 03, 2017 6:17 pm

Update for today, lads. Here's the changelog:

Mod Changes:
-The Thermal Artifact is less severe now. It burst into flames at intervals, which are affected by water. It displays bubbles in water every time it's active.
-Recycling an item that cannot be deconstructed yields the very same one back. If the item is damaged/depleted, it will simply get destroyed.
-Diesel Cans are slightly different and have an impact sound when they hit a surface. They cannot be put in inventory slots anymore.
-All fuel rods glow with their respective colors now. The effects stop when they are completely depleted.
-Added a new crafting ingredient, Biomass. It can be obtained by recycling organic material, like vegetables, meat and processed foodstuff.
-Liquid Oxygenite is obtained from recycling Oxygenite Shards now. The old recipe to make it has been removed.
-All gas tanks can be refilled to full condition with Tool Kit recipes.
-Oxygen Generators will barely refill Oxygenite Tanks now. The fastest way is to refill them via Tool Kit crafting.
-Added Tool Kit Recipes to turn Oxygenite Tanks back into Oxygen Tanks and vice versa.
-Added a new gas tank, Sulphurite Tank. It's an alternate fuel for welding tools and plasma cutters but it removes oxygen from rooms when used or exposed to fire.
-Edited some of the recipes and added new ones for more crafting options.
-Fixed Fulgurium Fuel Rods being a limitless power source.
-Fixed a code mistake that was preventing the recipes to make explosives to show up in the Medical Fabricator.
-Fixed a name mistake with the Thermate Charge, which was still called Thermate Block in the files.

Nehalennia Mark II's Changes:
-Added a big bumper structure to the front of the sub so it absorbs some of the damage when crashing.
-Added a Generator Room just above Engineering, next to Life Support and moved the Diesel-Electric Generator there. It's now the backup Generator.
-Re-added the Reactor back into its original room to work as the main power source for the sub.
-Added the missing button to open/close the Airlock from the Bilge.
-Edited some of the items found around the sub, added new ones and made some aesthetic edits in some areas.

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Re: Barotrauma Extended v3.1

Postby chikoeduardo » Tue Sep 05, 2017 8:32 pm

New mod update to 3.1 version. Here's the changelog:

Mod Changes:
-Added a new weapon, Gauss Pistol. It fires metal slugs the size of sand grains using mass drivers so it requires metal bars as ammunition. It works underwater.
-Added more special effects to the Hot Can and the Gas Can. They display a faint light and loop sound effects when active.
-The Gas Can is stronger and will carry the absorb oxygen effect with it instead of nailing the effect to where it landed.
-HTM Grenades need to be primed by clicking the "Use" command that shows up when you are holding them in your hands. It takes 5 seconds to detonate instead of 3 so players can have more time to throw or to interrupt a throw.
-Flares need to be lit manually by clicking the "Use" command. This prevents accidental activations.
-Fire Extinguishers cannot be put in inventory slots now.
-Circular Saws cannot be carried in hand slots now, only in inventory slots.
-The effects of Beer stack now. Meaning the more you drink, the slower you move but also the more it heals. It also causes characters to trip and fall once.
-Red Wine has increased effects and last longer. It causes characters to trip and fall twice per bottle.
-Ethanol causes a moderate inebriation effect when drunk. Injecting it will only make the target slower and deal minimal damage but can be used 4 times.
-Added a new drink, Vodka. It's the beverage that delivers the most inebriation effects, causing characters to trip and fall at least 3 times.
-Edited the sprite of the Nuclear Reactor. Now it's slightly smaller and looks like it's fixed to the wall instead of the floor.
-Fixed the Thermite Fuel Rod not causing any damage or temperature instability to the Reactor.
-Fixed the Diesel-Electric Generator breaking down when not in use.

Nehalennia Mark II's Changes:
-Added a Gauss Pistol in one of the lockers in the Officers' Quarters in Command.
-The access door to the Reactor Room is an automatic blast door now. It's always open and will only close if water is detected or by overriding.
-The left switch/light that are completely red in Reactor Control is the Temperature alert light and the reactor shutdown switch.
-The middle white switch/light in Reactor Control is to open and close the access door for the Reactor Room, which only works if the override is on.
-The right red switch and white light in Reactor Control is the override command for the access door in the Reactor Room.
-Added some instruction labels in the Engine and Reactor Rooms.

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Re: Barotrauma Extended v3.1

Postby AgentParadox » Tue Sep 05, 2017 8:44 pm

chikoeduardo wrote:New mod update to 3.1 version. Here's the changelog:


It'd be cool if you added a changelog (in a code box) to the OP (original post), so that way, any new changes can simply be posted as "yet another update" with a few minor changes to the wording of the posts, and the OP updated.

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Re: Barotrauma Extended v3.1

Postby chikoeduardo » Tue Sep 05, 2017 9:07 pm

Maybe... I used to do that with other mods but the OP eventually runs out of room.

Edit: Hmm... I don't know if I should expand on the Gauss Weapons concept. They are certainly better than all personal weapons so far but they tend to miss a lot too so they are not that OP. I'm thinking about adding a Gauss Carbine, which would deal less damage but fire in bursts, which could potentially cause more damage than the pistol if most of the shots hit. I could also add a Gauss Rifle, which could be a lot slower but deal a lot more damage and have a longer reach.

Edit2: I also noticed why gauss weapons are so inaccurate. I use a harmless explosion for the recoil and light effects in most of my weapons, which seems to affect "accuracy" a lot. When removed, the weapons almost never miss. Both choices aren't ideal but the accuracy penalty seems ok for such powerful weapons. The explosion thing seems to affect the weapons only inside the submarine too.

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Re: Barotrauma Extended v3.2

Postby chikoeduardo » Sun Sep 10, 2017 7:17 pm

Alright, new update. Here's the changelog:

Mod Changes:
-Reimplemented the unused Scorpion creatures. They travel in large groups and are akin to Electric Eels. They feed on metallic matter, usually submarines.
-Added a new creature type, Young Tiger Thresher. It's noticeable smaller and weaker than adult ones in every aspect but it's faster and always in groups.
-Edited the vanilla Tiger Thresher to prioritize attacking bigger creatures over anything else and will also attack and eat young ones. It's always alone.
-Edited the vanilla Moloch so they defend themselves against the now more fearless Tiger Threshers. They also retreat when heavily wounded.
-Edited vanilla Crawlers to be more cowardly, meaning they will retreat when moderately wounded and also have increased sight so they can spot from further away.
-Added a new weapon, Gauss Carbine. It deals less damage per shot and takes longer to recharge but it fires in short bursts.
-Added a new weapon, Gauss Rifle. It takes even more time to recharge after every shot but it deals a lot of damage. It can't hit targets at melee range.
-Edited FPGA Circuits and electronic components to stop being displayed behind most objects, including fabricators and other machines.

Nehalennia Mark II's Changes:
-Removed the old revolver from the Officers' Quarters and added a Gauss Carbine and a Gauss Rifle but with no ammo in them.
-Fixed the Bridge window not working properly. Now breaking the inner layer won't flood the sub unless the outer layer is heavily damaged or destroyed.

Notes one Gauss Weapons:
I put them in the Nehalennia Mark II for testing purposes. I'll probably do more changes to them in later updates. Technically, they are just plasma cutters with a really long reach and lots of details to make them look like proper weapons. The only problem with them is the accuracy thing and a bug that causes them to recharge when clicking the mouse button even when not aiming the weapon, which I couldn't fix.

Notes on the Scorpion:
-These are small snake-like creatures with segmented bodies and a stinger at the end of their tails.
-They travel with 5-7 other scorpions per group so they usually attack in swarms.
-They don't swim very fast but are pretty good spotters and trackers so they can follow targets for a long time.
-They will engage anything that gets close to them but they will prioritize submarines over anything else, and will slowly eat walls and doors away.
-They attack by discharging an electric current that deals little damage but will stun their targets, making them extremely dangerous in groups, as they will keep the target stunned as they take turns to continue to sting-shock them to death.
-They can get inside submarines but they can only move in water. If a submarine is drained of water and a scorpion is inside, they will bury their heads in the floor and raise their tails, waiting for someone to get close enough to attack. They will sometimes continue to eat structures even when out of the water and will also damage the hull when attacking characters, since the shock they discharge does an area of effect damage to hulls.

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