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Postby QuickLoad » Mon Mar 20, 2017 6:14 pm

Nalhennia Armored
This nalhennia version is essentially an old-model nalhennia vanilla, it does not have medical bay extension but instead FAK cabinets scattered around, along with a giant improvement to it's armor.

Most important changes:
-The ship combines heavy and light armor to reinforce its hull.
-The aft-ballast is reinforced 10 layers thick.
-The ballast is now 3 layers thick.
-The Engine is reinforced to 4 layers thick.
-The Security/Captain quarters are 6 layers thick.
-Most places that were just 1 layer thick of armor are now 3-4 or more layers.
-Gunnery is 5 layers thick.

-Shell rack added inside of the bilge.(5 rows, 2 each, total of 10 shells. Spare shell still in ballast)
-Two Medical Cabinets added, enough to treat two drowned men, two wounded men, two bleeding men,
-Medical Fabricator added into main hallway.
-Because the damn thing is so strong, you can ram monsters to kill them if you have enough speed.

-The Captain's bridge has the left-window removed and right windows removed, replaced with 3 layers of armor.(Closer to the top it only has 1 layer) It's top windows remain.
-The Captain's bridge now has a medical cabinet(ontop of the two in the hallway and engineering), it has enough to treat two husk-infected men, two men who's bleeding/drowning/wounded, two drowning men, two bleeding men, two wounded men.
-The Captain's bridge now has emergency shutters, in the event of a catostrophic breach of the bridge, the captain can engage these shutters as a second-line of defence against flooding. This is a 1-layer thick shell consisting of hatches, doors, and walls which will stop water and monsters and allow the captain to keep steering until the outer breaches are sealed.
-The Captain's bridge and Captain's quarters now have bilge-gaps which allow water to flow downwards, instead of the prior usage of manually opening a door to get rid of water.

-Weakest part of the ship is from above, the hallway+staircase inbetween the gunnery and bridge is only 1 layer thick, with only windows on some places.
-It cannot engage it's rear, which is another reason why the rear is quite armored. This is a flaw it carries on from it's base model, may add a gun to the rear later.
-Just because it's armored doesn't mean that it's invincible. Repairs will have to be mended when out of combat usually from the outside. Uncontrolled descents will usually result in penetration of the hull as well.

-Add medical supplies to crew spawn.
-Fix junc. box and move out of ballast.

Download Link - currently broken, junction box needs to be fixed, will change title when fixed.

creators: Artyom, QuickLoad

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