[][WIP] SSN Seawolf

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[][WIP] SSN Seawolf

Postby Lolman345 » Thu Apr 13, 2017 7:28 pm

This is a very early wip of this massive submarine that I have created. It's goal is to be absurdly durable and survivable. I also used this as a test bed for a twin linked reactor concept which is extremely delicate, but very efficient and easy to keep running. The vessel is compartmentalized with a heavy exterior hull made almost entirely out of heavy armor, with the weakest points on this vessel being the windows on the bridge. For its size and massive volume it actually is quite nimble in part to its massive ballast tanks and 4 main engines. Be warned though this vessel is so wide it takes a very skilled captain to not scrape your nose or aft on everything on the way down, its size is a curse and a gift. The armor and its size allows you to simply plow through smaller mobs without even noticing that you hit them, its so large you wont even move while on the bridge if you crash dive into a rock at 30km/s (let alone you most likely wont even damage the ballast either). On a flat rock face it can take a 42km/s impact with its buffer rods before taking ballast damage and throwing the crew about. (also bear in mind yes I know the wiring is absolutely terrible looking and I plan on tidying it up once I finish tweaking the inventories of all the objects on the vessel). She works well and will carry you and your crew far if you are gentle with her, her core is fragile but her hull is nearly impervious. I also do not take any credit for the mini sub perched on the docking clamp It currently is a placeholder till I can make another larger one to fit in its place, it does still work though. Please report any bugs that you come across as this is my first sub and I expect it to have a few.


The download for the initial release is here http://www.mediafire.com/file/2xpo8ftfcwbhgcv/Seawolf_Mk1.sub
backup link https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B0RacXlNH_UZV0xrTURhRVk5Vmc

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