[][WIP] Stock submarines rework+ v1.1

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[][WIP] Stock submarines rework+ v1.1

Postby S1mancoder » Thu Aug 24, 2017 7:13 pm

I find that stock subs: Aegir, Nehalennia and Vellamo are kind of ill-blalanced for playing in a multiplayer with a team of friends so i did some rework to make it better experience for me and my buddies. Those subs in stock versions are difficult ones to acomplish missions and I tried to save as much challenge as possible while making it way more managable to actually "win". So reworked ones are not easy ones still, just giving you fair chance.

What exactly was changed with those subs? There are quite alot minor changes, but mainly it is item layout and quantity, electric grid rework, lighting fixes and additions. Imporant note is that all "hidder items" for traitor gameplay were removed, so those subs are for teamwork mode without traitors.

v. 1.1
Small fixes for all subs, aded anti-flooding system airlocks on all subs locking inner airlock door if outer one is open (most advanced one at aegir, but it comes with cost of being unable to intentionally flood sub though airlock).

Aegir Mark III MC
Still most challenging one.

Nehalennia MC
Has added front lights among other things.

Vellamo MC
Fastest one by far.

HMS Theresa May MC
This is a reworked and rebalanced sub originally made by Staticwolf from this topic https://undertowgames.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=22&p=116745#p116745
It is not a fully tested one so beware, but generally should be working.
One important note - this submarine electric grid system is quite vulnerable to short circuits and fires cause static load is very low comparing to dynamic one, so try to drive carefully to avoid power surges.

Google docs folder where you can choose one to download.

I would also want to note that i've marked thread as [WIP] cause we only played quite some games with pre-latest versions of those subs and since I change it continously there might be some small bugs, but technically they're mostly tried and working.

I will update thread if new versions with some tweaks will arrive later on (im pretty sure they will).
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Re: [][WIP] Stock submarines rework+

Postby Staticwolf » Thu Aug 31, 2017 7:21 am

Great effort on the Theresa May rework! I haven't playtested it, but I'm sure you did a better job with the wiring than myself. I think the solution would have been more junction boxes but there just isn't the space. I also noticed the torpedo catches, good idea, and the ballast door lock!

I've found that, when driving, you can be quite quick with y-axis changes, but you have to be VERY gentle with x-axis changes. A very small x-axis movement will give you a lot of speed due to the small size and double engines.

So glad to see you've made changes to it, I'm going to make a recommendation in my threat that people try this version.

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Re: [][WIP] Stock submarines rework+ v1.1

Postby LandonGam3r » Thu Dec 28, 2017 8:08 pm

Hello S1mancoder,

From December the 6th till December the 21th, the Barotrauma Server community (BT Public 24/7 #1) held a vote. This vote had the purpose to improve the submarine list in rotation at the server, by sorting out the "bad" and the "good". In this process, it was also possible to add notitions for each sub, including yours!

If you are interested, the voting form is still accessible for reading. Here is the link: https://goo.gl/forms/gZhlOYQu8vSBBZKn2


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