[][WIP] Cleaver

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[][WIP] Cleaver

Postby Sloth » Fri Nov 17, 2017 11:12 am

The Cleaver v1.x
This is a small ship I designed for my PvP server, but I felt like I might as well release it to the forums. The ship is designed to be as compact as possible. It's my first ship I've completed so feel free to tell me about any problems you find. I labelled this work in progress because I intend to add more to this sub but as far as I know it's fully functional.

Download Link:https://www.dropbox.com/s/muviiai7qjdj6dp/Cleaver%20v1.4.sub?dl=0
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Re: [][WIP] Cleaver

Postby Esoudiere » Sun Nov 19, 2017 1:39 am

Quick bit of criticism:

1. ..Strong hull for it's size, I guess?

1. Box-ship-with-no-windows aesthetic.
2. Missing vents.
3. AI definitely do not work.
4. Try climbing onto that top hallway with the slightest bit of latency.
5. Cargo in the ballast...Okay.
6. Decide on a convention for your hulls. Don't just chuck them 'round willy-nilly and go "she'll be right"
7. No fabricators of any kind.
8. Hard-to-reach engine.
9. You messed up the hull placement in the reactor room. It bisects the ballast.
10. Railgun controllers don't need to be linked to the ammunition.
11. Bad lighting

12. The ship neither resembles a cleaver nor does tend to asunder.

I mean, I can appreciate that this is your first submarine and it's unfair to expect perfection, and at the very least you've actually played the game identified issues other submarines have (such as weak hulls, loose ammunition and lack of extinguishers) in order to improve on them, but there's already a slew of low-effort submarine designs and if you want to make something of good quality, invest a little more time.

(As always, I write this as the devil's advocate and don't mean to be harsh or to seem conceited. These are just the problems I personally see that you may or may not be aware of.)

EDIT: I did not actually notice this was for PVP. That makes some of my criticism irrelevant, sorry about that.

EDIT #2: I see you updated it. Aside from the aesthetics (or lack thereof) - which I assume are a design choice - I see no more objective problems with the submarine. Good job! (Oh, wait, still missing vents in the airlock and ballasts. You *think* they're never going to be useful, but I assure you, I have died to suffocation in both of those places on other submarines due to the lack of vents in those areas, particularly when they are small.)
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Re: [][WIP] Cleaver

Postby Sloth » Sun Nov 19, 2017 1:39 pm

Overall very fair criticism. I would clarify further that I never intended its use in single-player. I've updated the ship attempting to fix most of the problems you went over.

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Re: [][WIP] Cleaver

Postby Ol Stinky » Mon Nov 20, 2017 1:34 am

I only played 2 rounds with it but found she piloted really well. A couple thoughts:

-Make the font in the black label over the nav terminal a bit bigger so easier to read
-Consider making the buttons which open the hatch into the Navigation Room only work for the captain. On smaller ships people have less room to mill about, and tend to just hang out/congregate in Navigation possibly messing with it and causing crashes.
-The "notches" holding the rail-gun rounds in place may be taller than necessary
-I'm unsure about this, but you may want to replace the thick inner wall on the left (between ballast and reactor) with a thin wall to give you more space. The thick inner wall on the right side actually saved my life from enemy boarders one round so I can see why you'd have that there.

Strong sub though, well tailored for VS Mode. While some folks may want to have every machine and capability on every sub I really like compact subs like this with a "no frills" aesthetic. Considering VS Mode divides the server population in half it's very awkward to have 2 or 3 are players running around a huge sub full of things they'll never use.

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