[WIP] PRP Custom Submarines

A place to share custom submarines for Barotrauma, and custom content in the future.
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[WIP] PRP Custom Submarines

Postby smartini » Mon Jan 15, 2018 7:07 pm

Custom submarines made by players on the Pressurized Roleplay Server.

Aegir Mark VII
Made by smartini

So after playing with the Aegir Mark III for some rounds I noticed some things I don't like about it. Missing pumps in several locations, not enough fuel rods and more. So I created my own upgraded version of the Aegir Mark III.

The newest version of the Aegir Mark VII(V1.8.0) has two guns, raw materials, more pumps (Engineering, Reactor and Armory), a joined Ballast, new lamps, a battery recharge station, more fuel rods and more.
A new floor has also been added to Command to toggle the new pumps and Ballast subsections.

V1.0 -21.12.2017
+Changed Shuttle from "The Nibbler" to "The Blind Carp"
+Merged Ballast Tank with 3 subsections (separable)
+One more Railgun Loader + Shells
+New floor in Command to control the subsections of the Ballast Tank
+New (small) pump in Medical with a remote toggle in Engineering
+New (small) pump in Engineering
+Added several junction boxes
+Added a new fuel rod in Engineering
+Added some new diving suits
-removed clown outfit

V1.5 ( -31.12.2017
+Added a new gun to the front

V1.6.0 ( -21.01.2018
+Added a crate filled with general materials for manufacturing (Engineering)
+Added a crate filled with repairing equipment for two people (Mechanic's Cabin)
+Added a Battery Recharge Station on the upper floor
/Changed Position of the Railgun
/Minor Changes to the Wiring

V1.6.1 ( -24.02.2018
+ Compatibility
+Made all doors breakable with varying difficulty
/Replaced Buttons with switches in Command
/Minor Changes to the wiring
-Removed remote toggle for pump in Medical

V1.7 (0.8.0.x) -25.02.2018
+Re-added the remote toggle for the pump in Medical
+Added floodlights for the Railguns
+Added some of the new chemicals and a syringe gun to medical
/Placed some crowbars in cabinets
/Added ID Card descriptions

V1.8.0 (0.8.0.x) -12.03.2018
+Added a pump in Armory
+Added remote toggles for pump in Medical and in Armory into Command
+Added oxygen tanks to all diving suits
+Added a new Lamp to the Cargo Bay
/Fixed that the Security Officer had no permission to his door
/Minor rewiring

Image (V1.8.0):

Album with all screenshots of the Aegir Mark VII(V1.0-1.8.0):

[BTE] Teiwaz
Type A made by smartini
[BTE 5.2b]

The Teiwaz is a edited version of the cargo submarine Njord included in the BTE mod.
I replaced the cargo area with 3 cells, a working area, a common area and a control station.

Type A:
V 1.0.0 Features:(5.2b) -19.03.2018
+3 new Cells with prisoner spawnpoints
+A common area for prisoners
+A production area for prisoners
+Buttons to remotely toggle doors to the main area and production area. (Green)
+A lock button that locks all cell doors shut. (Orange)

V 1.0.1:(5.2b) -20.03.2018
/Edited Aux Power to actually work (Vellamo based sub bug)
/Fixed fires randomly starting on the sub (Vellamo based sub bug)

V 1.0.2:(5.3b) -26.03.2018
+Added salt, sugar, frying pans and apples to the canteen
+Added bodybags and ballistic helmets B to security
+Added two assault exosuits to airlock
/Added external access panels to the docking port (Vellamo based sub bug)

Image (A, V 1.0.2):
Entire submarine:

Prisoner Area:

Album with all screenshots of the Teiwaz A (V 1.0/1.0.1):

Download Link to all submarines:

Please tell me if you encounter any issues and I'll try to fix them as soon as possible! :)
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Re: ( Aegir Mark VII

Postby rico6822 » Mon Jan 15, 2018 10:09 pm

A good think would be, if your submarine had more railguns and general resources, than it can be like a real elite ship.

You can put more medical boxes around the submarine and in the medical room give some unique supply.

The same thing can come with wires. A small crates with wires and screwdrivers for emergency situations near half of junction boxes.

Take an example from Armed Evasion I made viewtopic.php?f=22&t=7877&p=118401#p118401 I put in one corner everything most important to go outside the submarine.
If polish players can play barotrauma and barotrauma takes place in space, than Poland can into space.

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