NTF Tesla Gate disable

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NTF Tesla Gate disable

Postby karl-police » Sun May 27, 2018 11:20 am

I've searched in the Source Code because I want to find out how loud and how the NTF Telsa Gate disable request thingy works ingame and how long it takes, but tbh I can't find out.

Code: Select all

If PlayerRoom\RoomTemplate\Name <> "pocketdimension" And PlayerRoom\RoomTemplate\Name <> "room860" Then
               If e\EventState2 = 0 Then
                  If e\EventState3 <=0 Then
                     temp = False
                     For n.NPCs = Each NPCs
                        If n\NPCtype = NPCtypeMTF Then
                           If Abs(EntityX(n\Collider)-EntityX(e\room\obj,True))<4.0 Then
                              If Abs(EntityZ(n\Collider)-EntityZ(e\room\obj,True))<4.0 Then
                                 temp = True
                                 If e\EventState2 = 0 Then
                                    n\Sound = LoadSound_Strict("SFX\Character\MTF\Tesla0.ogg")
                                    ;e\SoundCHN = PlaySound_Strict (e\Sound)
                                    n\Idle = 70*10
                                    e\EventState2 = 70*100
                     If temp = False Then e\EventState2=70*3.5
                  If e\EventState2 => 70*92 And e\EventState2-FPSfactor < 70*92
                  e\EventState2 = Max(e\EventState2-FPSfactor,0)

I don't really see how loud how far and how loud the announcment is and who can hear it, if it only talks in the sector where the ntf are or not, like those Tesla1 until 3

But tbh I can't even see the formating in my notepad++


Someone help me answer the questions, how that code works.

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