The New Suggestions Thread

If you have models, sound effects, textures or anything else you would like to be put in the game, post them here. Ideas and suggestions are also welcome.
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Re: The New Suggestions Thread

Postby BitterVoid » Mon Jan 01, 2018 10:17 pm

My suggestion is this,

why isnt SCP:CB a multiplayer game? I kept thinking to myself, staring at the scp;cb game on my desktop,
"I wanna play it, but it's just boring. It needs something new.. But not a new scp. It needs something....."

Of course more scps would be great, and of course this games needs MANY things to be added to its gameplay. But multiplayer.. would be amazing.

Class D's can either kill eachother or not, the game makers can decide on that.
People can be MTF, nine tailed fox, etc.

And if they want to let people be SCPS too, then go right ahead. But I can imagine it being a better game with even just a bunch of people against the scps.
It could even just be everyone as Class D.

anyways, thats my suggestion

King Jion
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Re: The New Suggestions Thread

Postby King Jion » Tue Feb 06, 2018 7:47 pm

I just have an idea for an SCP in general, I don't really care if it makes it in the game, but it would be cool if became part of the cannon, but where do I go to post it, (and sorry if you already told me, I probably just didnt understand it when I read it)

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