SCP-427 Ideia

If you have models, sound effects, textures or anything else you would like to be put in the game, post them here. Ideas and suggestions are also welcome.
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SCP-427 Ideia

Postby SCP-9341-D » Tue Jul 18, 2017 4:47 pm

I was reading the SCP-914's article on the SCP Wiki when i read the folowing:

Name: Dr. Ouros
Date: ██/█/20██
Total items: 1x pill of SCP-500

Input: 1 pill
Setting: Fine
Output: 1 ornate metal locket, now classified as SCP-427

Then, i immediately thinked on an ideia of adding 427 on the game and to make it, you should, of course, put SCP-500-1 on SCP-914 on Fine/Very Fine and there is a chance of making SCP-427. It would be like an Omni Card, but (a little) easier.
Please reply about my ideia.

Photograph taken of SCP-427 while closed.
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