An new event for 860-1

I was reading SCP-860's exploration log and i readed about the 4th exploration. Aparently an person called :REDACTED: (Referred as Subject-1) entered 860-1, but everything was different. The fog was a bit red and murmurs could be heard. Also, an crossways would appear, just like the normal crossways, but one was an cobblestone one. Then, i immediately thinked on adding this as an rare event, like Agent :REDACTED: , but more easier.

When the event is triggered, as in the wiki, the fog will be a bit red and murmurs can be heard, but just barely. The notes found on there can be modified to be different from the normal ones or simply remove then when this event happens. When reaching the crossway, the way behind the player dissapears and the mist turns :EXPUNGED: ,(Maybe it can get alot more red and/or get wavy and it keeps getting distant and closer to the player each second) the murmurs gets louder and 860-2 starts chasing the player. The player must choose the cobblestone path (The normal one will just lead to ded or something else, but certainly NOT the exit) and start running. 860-2's speed must be slower in this event so the player can get away from it, but it sometimes run to the forest and, 5-10 seconds later, it jumps in front of the player, (So the player must keep turning back to see if it is still behind him and, if not, the player must stop running and walk) when this happen, the player must turn around and run for his life. After a few minutes of stress, the fog gets very near the player. A few seconds later, the player find the wooden door and escapes. An achievement is unlocked after escaping.

Please comment what did you thinked about this sugestion/ideia. But, of course, Blitz3D may have its limitations so, you can remove the path dissapearing behind you or the part where 860-2 jumps in front of you. :)
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