PulseGun Thread #2

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PulseGun Thread #2

Postby juanjpro » Fri Jun 03, 2016 1:38 pm

Old thread is here. Made a new thread because this project has changed significantly since last time I posted, updating that thread would break continuity with the older posts in there.

Latest video:

Video demonstating a graphical addition:

Video from last year, when I started the rewrite:

Use WASD to move the character around (configurable controls will be available further in development) and the mouse buttons to create explosions and implosions. Press M to toggle in and out of the map editor.

I'm currently working with Irontaco, Omniary and CommanderMark so we can turn this into an actual game instead of just an ugly proof-of-concept.

Non-exhaustive list of additions:
  • Sprites with parallax shifting (this took way too long to implement lol)
  • Built-in map editor
  • Rewritten collision detection
  • New explosion/implosion sounds
  • Ambient noise
  • Lots of bugfixes

Download new demo here:
(OSX and Linux builds will be available once we get around to cleaning them up a bit)

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Re: PulseGun Thread #2

Postby Irontaco » Fri Jun 03, 2016 2:20 pm

I'd like to dive a bit more into the stuff in Pulsegun.

juanjpro is the programmer and project leader, Omniary's the sound designer, CommanderPro100's been helping with compability with mac and some bugfixes, and i'm the artist and animator.

PulseGun (name may be changed eventually) is going to be a puzzle platformer game with acrobatic puzzles (2D rocketjumping, in a way) and such, for this reason we need feedback on the controls, the weight-feeling of the character, and other things so that everything feels as good as possible.

On the graphical design aspect, we want to go for a 2d, clean, traditionally animated, handdrawn style. Maps are supposed to be layered, parallaxed sprites. (if you need some examples of this, games like Valiant Hearts, Rayman 1, and Metal Slug are good examples of this).

In the spoiler are various image links depicting design stuff.

Hope you guys like what we got so far!

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Re: PulseGun Thread #2

Postby AgentParadox » Fri Jun 03, 2016 4:46 pm

Control: The game controls much nicer than the previous demo.
Sound/music: The music, while quiet, is pretty nice and fits the tone of the game. The sound effects are great, too.
Mechanics:Although there is currently no objective, the idea of pulsing away from and towards walls definitely has a puzzle element to it, and with a map editor, it means near-infinite replayability.
Art: An interesting choice choosing a hand-drawn style for the character. It works well when combined with the simplicity of the environment.

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