SCP-087-B Extended Edition [Mod]

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Re: SCP-087-B Extended Edition

Postby SCP-9341-D » Tue Sep 19, 2017 9:05 pm

RoobyBooby wrote:'Ello.

Figured I'd sign up here, because why not. I'm sure Jack already knows who I am at this point xD. But yeah, I'm one of the many peeps that played this (and also recorded it), and liked it. I'll just leave my playlist here (in spoiler bars OFC) for those of ye.

And yep, waiting to see what version 3.0 is gonna bring us xD

Don't worry. V3 is coming. :wink:
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Re: SCP-087-B Extended Edition

Postby RoobyBooby » Tue Sep 19, 2017 9:51 pm

SCP-9341-D wrote:
Don't worry. V3 is coming. :wink:

I know, Jack told me a tiny bit about it. No spoilers ofc. :087:
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Re: SCP-087-B Extended Edition [Mod]

Postby ADMAndrew » Sun Oct 15, 2017 3:30 pm

what is the cloth wander?
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Re: SCP-087-B Extended Edition [Mod]

Postby RoobyBooby » Sun Oct 15, 2017 8:31 pm

SCP-087-B: Extended Edition (V3.1) - Review (hopefully spoiler-free)

Before I start, let me highlight something else first.
SCP-087-B is an indie game, originally made by "Regalis" in 2012, in which the player descends a randomly generated staircase, in hopes of finding out what is it, and if it has an end, while avoiding being killed by its mysterious denizens. SCP-087-B Extended Edition is a mod made by "JackFastGame", which, to put it bluntly, takes the 087-B game, and gives it loads of new content and improvements, such as new monsters, events, rooms, sounds, features, textures, even endings, but without increasing the amount of time it takes to beat the game. Those of you "experts" at 087-B will be pleasantly (or unpleasantly, I dunno) surprised by the stuff in the Extended Edition.

To show a comparison, SCP-087-B v0.2 is roughly 3MB in size, while the Extended Edition is roughly 28MBs as of Version 3.1 (at the time of this writing).

So far, I have played versions 2.0, 2.1, 3.0, and 3.1, I even made a series of it, and I can say wholeheartedly, that those who like 087-B will surely like the Extended Edition. Here are my reasons:
1 - As previously said, this mod introduces loads of new content, while also adding improvements to already present content. The core gameplay (you going down many stairs) is unchanged.
2 - As of V3.0, this mod looks even nicer visually, and features more voice-over.
3 - Extended Edition is definitely more difficult than the original 087-B, given the new ways 087-B's denizens can attack you.
4 - The mod takes on a more "atmospheric" approach when compared to the original 087-B. Sometimes, in the original, you may find multiple scares one after another, whereas in the Extended Edition, there's a decent cooldown between scares; after encountering one, usually there's nothing happening for a good several floors.
5 - The addition of a sprint mechanic is useful, especially when you realize you're not the only thing that can run.
6 - Probably my biggest reason; Back in the day, when 087-B was well-known, many mods were released for it. Most of these mods were texture mods, sound packs, or a combination of both. "Unique" mods, that added new stuff to the game were very rare. Some examples include a Launcher mod, a (currently unfinished) Multiplayer mod, maybe some other mods I don't know, and as of recently, the Extended Edition. And I expressed interest for a mod like Extended Edition back then, and it blew all my expectations, even if a bit late. The first few playthroughs are one heck of an experience (for me at least).
7 - Mod quality overall is professional-like.

However, let me highlight some reasons as to why some people may not like Extended Edition:
1 - There are some areas where slightly flashing lights occur. These could be a potential problem for those who have photosensitive epilepsy.
2 - Like the original, the mod is meant to be done in one sitting (as the lore normally states). A straight run could take around 40minutes, if not more. Dying, or having the game crash (which is extremely rare) = losing all the progress you made. There is no save system, save for a checkpoint system, which I won't spoil.
3 - Once the player knows everything, the game can become quite tedious. It's most interesting when played the first few times, but afterwards, like any game, the charm fades.
4 - The concept of going down stairs for long amounts of time may upset or bore some people. This is prevalent with the Unity game SCP-087.
5 - The mod is tougher than the original 087-B, mainly because of the new ways 087-B's denizens can attack. This requires more trial-and-error, time, and replays. Some may not be willing to keep pushing after dying too much.
6 - Some people just hate getting scared. If that's the case, you may not like this.

My opinion, though, remains positive. If you liked 087-B, you'll like the Extended Edition. If I had to rate the mod, I'd give it a 9/10. Due to a major (but 100% avoidable) bug at the ending, uninformed players could easily die, which I've done a couple times. The bug is included in spoiler tags, since it does spoil a tiny bit of the ending. The mod however is still 100% fully playable.

Give it a try! :087:

When the player reaches the ending, and pushes the 4th button to call the elevator/platform, the player MUST take caution not to touch the walls (or the corner of the wall) when on the elevator/platform. Doing so results in the player dying. But standing in the middle of the elevator is safe. This may be a little bit difficult to do because of the player having to stare at a particular foe at all times.
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Re: SCP-087-B Extended Edition [Mod]

Postby WhiteAce » Tue Oct 31, 2017 9:40 am

I have decided to pick this up for Halloween (Which is today for me), I have also suggested it to a youtuber with the name "M.A.D Gaming" and I am hoping he might end up playing it, I must say after looking at the files I can already tell you've done a substantial amount of work, I look forward to playing this at midnight and although it is very late for me to say this, congratulations on your V3.1 release.
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