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Re: SCP-008 (WIP)

Hey! I wanted to ask you real quick if you'd like any help. I got the gold edition of FPS Creator Reloaded,

which, since it was cancelled and turned into Game Guru, I got 4 of the DLC for free!

I can help with the story too if you'd like. Let me know what you think.

Re: Bullying

I used to get bullied, mostly teased because of my size. It's caused me to have some problems that I dont want to talk about. I got kicked out of my school for nearly killing a guy who taunted me. So, bullies pretty much ruined my life. That video makes me fuckin sick. I would beat the living shit o...

Re: SCP Suggestions General

I would like to suggest SCP:35 I believe it would be a good addition into CB because of the severe danger it brings. Say, you find the cell, and its covered in the corrosive material, and you hear almost inaudible whispering. When you stay to long, you begin going ins...

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