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Re: Favorite Bands?

Caravan Palace, Parov Stelar, Goldfish, Pretty Lights, Solar Fields, Emancipator, Jake Chudnow, This Will Destroy You, Miles Davis, are some i like. With Gorillaz, Pearl Jam, and Boards of Canada being my favorites. There's a list I can work on forthe next few days. Oh, right. Bump. You guys still ...

Re: Random Off-Topic discussion

Shit, I forgot about that account. I'll have to keep an eye on that account just in case. Wonder where I got that profile picture... I've been doing much better, Mark. I really have my life on track. Taking college classes, working my arse off to pay off everything so my parents don't have it so har...

Re: SCP Forum Roleplay (V2.0): OOC Discussion

D-9999 wrote:
Ltn Vasquez wrote:Syphen's app is updated as well.

Be sure to post, guys.
I will, soon. As soon as FW gets on Steam and as soon as my writer's block goes away for the day.
He's usually on around 1300 hours, Pacific Standard.

If you need help, you can ask Mark, Trex, and I for help. I'm on and off Steam.

Re: Random Off-Topic discussion

Just a warning to you Hug: If you still have Adblock Plus, uninstall it. It's malware. Get Adblock(original) instead. I unistalled adblock and got original, chrome crashed i got plus again, chrome crashed now i dont know which one to trust anymore Try Betafish Adblock, It's working well for me. htt...

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