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Re: The New Suggestions Thread

Has there been any suggestions for SCP-105 yet? Here's the article for her. The interview log and Pandora's Box fiasco makes me feel she can serve a similar role to 035. Maybe she could try and reason with the player to help, for a moment anyway. Like, she could be a ...

Idea regarding 513.

So people have been finding 513 useless, given the fact that you can easily avoid it. Looking at it myself, I can see this issue. And then I came up with this small scripted event idea that I think Blitz3D is capable of creating. It's nothing special really. Basically have the lights go out for a se...


mrslig100 wrote:Hahahah!
Wheres your sense in humor?
This game has a reputation of being the scariest horror game ever made.
It has to keep it up!
I don't see anything helpful in a feature that literally won't let you pause for a minute, scary or not.

Re: RPG Not Centipedes

wiggly_waffle wrote:I think I might make this as an RPG game. I am getting RPG Maker VX Ace when I have the money, so I guess that will be my first game on that engine. I have interest in this idea, so I thought it would be good for me to make, and something for me to do.
It's all yours. : )

Not Centipedes [Open for grabs]

Ostensibly, SCP-363 are identical to Scolopendra gigantea, or the Amazonian giant centipede. Dietary needs are identical, and DNA inspection has proven no dissimilarities to normal S. gigantea. SCP-363 is, under normal circumstances, the appropriate size for S. gigantea. In darkness, (darkness defi...

Re: Dev Topic #4

Really psyched to see 035 getting in. Been wanting to see it in the game for so long. I can only imagine how it'll affect the game plot. And points for that front page banner.

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