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Re: [SPOILER ALERT] What is your opinion of the new 1.3.10 update?

AveryLP wrote:
juanjpro wrote:
AveryLP wrote:The only criticism that I personally have to give is that SCP-178 got removed.
that was the best part tho
May I ask why?
Unlike with 1074, there didn't seem anything wrong with 178 in my personal opinion.
If nothing else, SCP-1499 does the same thing but better.

Re: Breach event date

Hi everyone! So I was wondering if anyone knew the actual date where the event takes place in the game. My conclusion was that it takes place either on April 30th/May 1st or October 31st/November 1st as SCP-205 finishes it's cycle during the breach and will kill the player if he enters the SCP-205 ...

Re: Spiral Gestalt & The Larger Game theory thread

Blue Prefect wrote:
TheEpicBLUpyro wrote:
Blue Prefect wrote:Also D-9341 must be at least 19-25 years old as thats the range bracket that SCP-106 likes his victims to be. :idea:
What makes you say 19?
Don't revive old threads from last year please.
Well you're clearly still around, and you're the guy he was talking to, so why not just answer his question?

Re: strange Gate A ending

For the most part, this ending is normal, and happens if the player contained SCP-106. When the player is "killed" they simply just fall out of the map, however it appears you can see certain objects that are loaded in when this happens, such as the 'Plane' from the Trench. This is evident if you lo...

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