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Re: Help - Compiling .bb files to replace item names/death messages

juanjpro wrote:
Sic wrote:Thanks but the run program command gives me the error message "Function 'loadanimmesh_strict' not found". When I press F5 in Not sure about the other source code files.
You only need to compile, as it includes the other files.
Oh okay, thank you!

Re: Few Suggestions for 1.3.2

What if they were morphine or adrenaline? Morphine's a painkiller so if the player's injured by say MTF gunfire, 049-2 slash, or 939, they could quickly inject themselves to ease the pain and regain their ability to sprint without their limp hindering them, of course that is until the effects wear o...

Re: Loading Screen Freeze/Crash

Regalis wrote:
Sic wrote:Granted this only happened two times on the same save file so it might be the save file's fault.
KirbyMario12345 wrote:I got that a few times too.
If you still have those save files, could you please post them here?
I deleted them, sorry. If it happens again I'll post the file here or PM it to you or Vane.

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