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Re: The 914 game

Output: A cardboard box. Exhibited a dimensional anomaly which causes all matter placed into the box to disappear and become irretrievable.

Input: One vial of hydrochloric acid
Setting: 1:1

Re: I just noticed that SCP-1025 model and texture is wrong.

Someone give me a tl;dr on this please. Dude tried to make 1025 model, someone commented there's no point in texturing the back, dude makes long-ass post about his (totally real and non-horror) upcoming game. Someone quoted him with "-snip" like most people here, dude got offended about snipping, a...

Re: The 914 game

Output: One fully grown snake of the subspecies Eunectes murinus (Green anaconda), hissing to the tune of the previously mentioned song.

Intake: One Anti-Tank rifle
Setting: Coarse

Re: The 914 game

Output: A bright light projected from the output booth. Researchers in the surrounding area described a "holy" sensation during the event. All personnel involved converted to modern Christianity, regardless of previous religion or beliefs.

Intake: One chess board, all pieces included.
Setting: 1:1

Re: The 914 game

Output: A human with a rabbit's face, as opposed to the prior rabbit with a human's face. Subject screamed for approximately 3 hours, 30 minutes.

Intake: One canister of Helium gas
Setting: Very Fine

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