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Re: SCP - Containment is Magic Mod

Tried out the V0.9 beta, there is basically a billion things going on that are broken. The beginning area is gone and a messed up door, I dont know why SCP-173 is not Pinkie Pie, oversized Class D's, I think the Femur Breaker broke on me, (Button might've been pressed but no sound came out, couldn't...

Re: SCP - Containment is Magic Mod

He made up a few of his own SCP's. 709 is some alicorn thing. Ahh, I see. Hm. Seeing a picture, all I see is a very hard-to-see alicorn. I think its blue. Hm, cant wait to see it in-game. Still waiting for the "next big update" I would say. School is getting in the way I guess. That, or everyone ju...

Re: SCP - Containment is Magic Mod

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 0.3BB: -SCP-709 Document Added to game files. Wait, huh? How is a treehouse important? Is this suppose to be li...


What if a seperate game that is similar to SCP:CB,

but... instead of being the runner, your the MTF?

You would wander around trying to find the/the only Class-D to shoot down. You would have 3 others.

Just an idea...nothing too special I guess.


Serimah wrote:
Bow down to the holyness of the mighty Bacon God! *insert choir music here*
Bow down to the Bacon God!

But...we need more bacon. A bacon lasagna is great, but not enough.
Bacon God isnt strong enough.


This is the bacon house. Put all bacon here!

By bacon, for bacon.

By bacon, we mean either fat people OR actual bacon. Bacon's bacon.

P.S: Can you bring Canadian bacon?
I have Dr. Pepper with Bacon! No, I will not show it.

Re: SCP - Containment is Magic Mod

Indeed, and the main structure of the mod comes first. However, he does have a point. When the previous group controlled the mod, Discord's word was rather vague about what you had to do. We need someone to voice him (Assuming we're staying consistent with Discord being The Old AI's MLP replacement)...

Re: SCP - Containment is Magic Mod

My complaint. SCP-079 (aka Discord) just copies some quotes. I know hes just telling you techincally to turn on the remote door control, but wouldn't it be easier maybe to just leave the voice alone? Or use some program/tool/thing that makes you sound like Discord and then some-what recite what SCP-...

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