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Re: I Hate SCP-860

I know how to get past SCP-860. You'll need the super gas mask (put a gas mask through SCP-914, which gives you infinite stamina when in use) and SCP-860 ( obs...). When you go into SCP-860-1, put the super gas mask on. Then run... run like hell... :682: Running is not an option. I can say with exp...

Re: I fucking quit this shit

Now, while i disagree with everything basically, 173 teleporting and being a cheating liar is true, Look at ItZoToM's newest video, 173 was contained previously but he still came when the lights went off in a hallway and just clipped through doors. Also putting this in the bug reports.

Re: Smooth Mouse?

I actually really like the mouse smoothness, it gives the player some "weight", a thing that as an example the unity version is yet to have. Walking in this game also falls to the same category.

Re: Idea on how to add new SCPs without cluttering the game with useless SCPs

This is a cool idea, but i don't think it will bring it back to life necessarily, i would be happy to be wrong :laugh:
On the other side, i think a new zone should be added, a zone that looks like the version 0.1 with lower roofs, everything corroded and old looking, and add an unique SCP there.

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