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Re: SCPCBIrrlicht

CLgaming wrote:And I'll finally be able to adequately do something I've been planning for a long least once I get a better capture software. If not, bandicam'll still work fine.
Oh my fucking god, I just imagined Freeman in D-9's role, Jesus Christ, this needs to happen but never will.

Re: Corrupt a Wish. (Version 2)

I wish that I was in possession of a Future Diary. Granted. You're so horrified at a description of future America (radical feminists and SJWs with impenetrable stupidity taking the spot as 90% of the population) that you kill yourself. Or move to another country with living conditions your body an...

Re: Is this Dead?

The forum and community are still somewhat active, and there are still a handful of people out there really excited for CB's updates and its eventual completion. But you have to remember, SCPCB is just one of the many indie horror games out there. Its popularity spike was a LONG time ago, when Pewdi...

Re: Coming out of the closet

I honestly don't understand how you could want to be gay, but I guess that's why I'm straight. :? Not hating on gay people, but each to their own really. You don't "want" to be gay, you ARE gay, it's not a choice. PS: This is the comment that'll single-handedly get this thread locked, just you watch.

Re: The SCP-173 vs. Untitled 2004 Legal Action Conundrum.

Yeah the whole copyright situation surrounding the usage of 173 is a colossal confusing mess. I'd just guess that if you're doing a major project with 173 in it, such as a lengthy fan-film or somewhat-major horror game like SCPCB, you should play it safe and email Mr. Kato for permission even though...

Re: I think a bug?

Considering you can't see the main character, only when you view SCP-1074, I don't see how you can presume he looks like a child. And if this is a bug, in your world, then it should've been posted in the Bug Reports section, not the Off-Topic section. He's probably referring to the fact D-9 was ext...

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