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Re: Ability to butcher characters

I like this idea...very good.... I even good an additional idea, regarding medical attention (atleast at lets say critical status, or lots of bleeding.) : Blood bags (We will just assume that everyone on the ship has the same bloodtype tho, or maybe not). Essentially fabricated through the remains o...

Re: Co-op campaign.

Since submarines Are all player-made a Upgrade system would require a large overhaul of the submarine creator. I mean yes, Its just editing the sub, But the way you Are imagining it would make it far more complicated. Mainly because every item would have to be given a value, and really every : From ...

Re: More rooms.

Um...I am sorry, But this is the wrong subforum, I guess? I mean, it is Talking about a facility And all.

A Mod should probadly move this to the SCP:CB subforum.

And Well, I GUESS You can make your own Maze like Maps using the map creator.

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