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Re: Major Errors!

Do you have a steam account or an online chatting account so we can speak faster? I don't fully understand what you are saying and am confused by multiple variables.


I'm having some problems installing it, I downloaded, extracted .exe to desktop, opened and it contained errors saying "The following DLLs were not found in the game directory: FastExt.dll FastText.dll winfix.dll.

Re: Major Errors!

I just finished the game with no errors, Gate A: 106 not contained. I loved it! I only have one question though... in the room near SCP 1499, who is Sharon?

Re: Major Errors!

[/quote]This program fixes most of the crashes[/quote] Okay, I downloaded it, selected SCP CB, and after it said success I went to system32 and SysWOW64 and deleted my fmod.dll. I then restarted my laptop and clicked on SCP CB, now it says that...

Major Errors!

Okay, so I've installed this game multiple times under WinRAR, once installed I open the file to find SCP - Containment Breach.exe, when I click on it (still in file) the game loads perfectly, I go 1280 resolution, borderless window mode and start. After a while, such as when you find Lvl 2 Keycard,...

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