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Re: ( [REL] USS Cubera (Barotrauma Extended)

Due to a game update, the old junction boxes and relays catch fire due to some issue with load and power not being right. It requires complete replacement and rewiring of the entire submarine, which I haven't really felt like doing for a long time. I am unsure if I will ever get around to updating i...

Re: Barotrauma Extended v6.1

I've encountered a bug in the sub editor with duct blocks and their gap placement. I'm using BTE 6.1, and when I place a duct block, the gap only allows water movement sideways, not vertically. Extending of the gap, deleting it, letting it be regenerated upon load does nothing. I loaded the (BTE) Ne...

Re: ( [REL] USS Cubera (Barotrauma Extended)

It's probably because the ship hasn't been saved in the new barotrauma version. I'll take a look at it hopefully soon, been busy with work. Edit 1: Saving and launching does not seem to fix the issue. The power is behaving weird. It seems like each relay/junction box is receiving only local loads, a...

Re: Barotrauma Extended v5.0

So I don't know about you, but the footsteps hurt my ears. I went in and made the footsteps you included in your mod to 0 decibels and the sharp popping noise stopped. Might want to look into that if others have the same complaint about the footsteps.

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