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Re: Monster respawns

Well technically the monsters spawn too over time and they normally spawn pretty far from the sub but it makes sure you'll see it but yeah killing monsters affects that too this is a reason of why games get laggy over time and not only because maybe there was a mass murder in the sub and now there a...

Dr Pepper Pepper's collection

This is a pack of 2 submarines i made. The leviathan is a submarine made to handle extreme situations such as charybdis or endworm attacks. This is the Ragnarok used in emergency situations such a endworm fight. If the station gets serverly damaged you can get the crew ...

Upnp error fix

I fixed it all the times with the same thing. Configure your router to set upnp off and then on and later reset the router and your pc. Idk if it will work thats how i fixed the problem everythime it happen.

Upnp error

i am having trouble making a server yasterday i didnt had problems making a server but today when i make a server the game says error upnp is not avaible when it is enabled and i even checked my firewall to see if it was closed and it isnt. today i updated my pc too but idk if that can affect someth...

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