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[BTE 7.7] K-129 WIP This picture is outdated. An alien ship retrofitted with human technology. Features forcefield airlocks, a cloaking suit, outside sensors that light up and alert command whenever something it outside the submarine, remote controlled scouting shuttles. DOWNLOAD: https...

Re: [BTE 7.3] USS Lawton

The submarine starts off with some broken walls which then flood, and the submarine starts to plummet. Depending on the randomly generated Barotrauma maps, it can fall 200m, 300m, 800m, etc. The farther it falls, the farther it goes away and the more damage it takes.

[BTE 7.7] USS Lawton An old coalition ship that has been sunk. Quite damaged and rusted. It has been deemed repairable, take place on a mission to restore the USS Lawton to her former glory. Repair the ship then get power online. Finally, finish her mission.

Re: [BTE 7.3] HMS Erebus

Another big update to the ship. Tons of fixes, tons of modifications and some new things. The picture of the ship on the forums is outdated now as some rooms have changed. Armory slightly changed with a spear rack added, bottom portion of the lab completely redone. In the ballast there's one of thos...

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