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Re: Insanity

Adding an insanity mechanic that indiscriminately punishes all players for killing and maming is hardly an effective countermeasure against griefing. Also taking control away from the player using the excuse of "insanity lol" sounds like a terrible gameplay mechanic that would more than likely be a...

Re: Insanity

No, as I said, this is on their skills. A medical doctor will not hallucinate if they see a husk or a captain who has his medical skill more than 40 or 20, this is mostly concerned about skills, not 'seeing an enemy then running the fuck away,'


Pretty simple, hallucinations and such. How this would work depends on what the character's skills are. For BTE standards, Seamen are the most highly to encounter hallucinations. Mostly due to their skills. Oh, you want to know how does this thing work? Simple, let's say there is a husk and your med...

Re: Barotrauma Extended v7.9

A fantastic mod, if I do say so my self.

B U T Nah, I'm joking. The only thing that really takes from me is the errors in the console, jobs not showing up.

If someone really knows how to fix this, please help me.

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