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Re: More Smileys

Thanks for those smileys! Now it will be much more pleasing to look at them. I personally will only use them rarely though, i am a dedicated hardliner of text-based smileys.

Re: Suddenly...

- The Force Commander from Warhammer 40k
- The Fighter Pilot from "AIR COMBAT"
- Jim Raynor from Starcraft
- Morgan Freeman from FULL LIFE
- The Zero dude from Borderlands 2

Hah, we will not yield to the cowardly. LET ME INSPIRE OUR MEN, AND I WILL LEAD US TO VICTORY!

Re: Break-A-Wish Game

SCP-500 wrote:
Horrordar wrote:I wish for world peace.
I wish for perfect health for the rest of my life.
GRANTED, but you are trapped in a isolated cubic box in a scientific laboratory and you'll get spoonfed with medicine 24/7. And no W-lan.
I wish i had a giant boner.

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