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Re: Why is the texture quality setting not available in 1.3.1?

I think it's effectively the medium option. Not that it matters anyway, it didn't do much in the first place. If the game wasn't already overtly large, filesize-wise, replacing the textures with quality-controllable DDS textures would work. Or, if it doesn't support this, simply stuffing in low qua...

Re: A focus on stability?

Frankly it depends on the users. I used to use Zoho for bug tracking, and asked users to report bugs using a provided template. The bug tracker allowed me to chomp through bugs, but it was largely my own reported/noted bugs on the list, and very few ones were reported by users. Point being that give...

Re: v1.3 Update

Vane Brain wrote: Yep. But I think it will be better if we add all this rooms under room with monitors
This wouldn't be a bad idea really; allows Win8+ compatibility at a compromise. Assuming this is the only issue with these operating systems...

Re: v1.3 Update

PXLSHN wrote:Well, it was more harder than you think.
T'was a joke, mate. I'm well aware of how Blitz3D can make the simplest gameplay elements a pain to implement :wink:

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