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Re: v1.3 Update

I think any optimization and performance improvements with this update would be fantastic enough as is, as the base game constantly runs at a sub 30 FPS and of dips, such as using the SNAV or NV Goggles.

Re: Is this game dead?

Nah, all good things must come to a end eventually. I'm hopeful about the upcoming 1.3 patch releasing soon. No one ever expected SCP:CB to be developed forever, but to see how far its come just shows how great a game it is. Besides, there's always the chance for future SCP inspired games to be made...

Re: Various Inaccuracies

The 049-2's are likely balanced out to walk simply because having a running enemy that can melee you to death very rapidly would not exactly be enjoyable. Gameplay trumps lore as far as I'm concerned, in this case I think making the 049-2's walk is a fine compromise. For 008 I think its down more to...

Re: Favorite Group of Interest?

Personally I like both the Chaos Insurgency and, more so, the Global Occult Coalition. The Chaos Insurgency I like simply because I enjoy the idea of a subversive former element of the Foundation going rogue and, while still trying to uphold the ideals of the Foundation, but want to do so in the exa...

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