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Re: SCP main site

Cridone wrote:I honestly think it's stupid to bash a game because of its graphics.

As long as you can tell what something is, it's fine.
This. Graphics shouldn't define a game. At least not majorly. A game can have the best graphics ever but the rest can anything but the best.

Re: SCP The Shadows (New)

Oh my fucking god. If I don't hurry up, my game will have a bunch of SCPs that look like they were ripped from another game. [EDIT] And no, not SCP - Corridors, another SCP game I'm making. My game takes place after a lot of the main facility's/ sites are attacked by various of the Foundation's ene...

Re: The CB wiki has moved.

Just felt that this might need to be mentioned: the old SCPCB wiki (hosted on Wikia) is still up as Wikia has decided to keep it around for some reason (you're better off asking CommanderPro on that one). Pay no mind to that wiki, as that is no longer the official one (obviously).

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