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Re: SCP-682 in SCP-860-1?

Insanity's Bane wrote:
Z-Bites wrote:
Destructoid wrote:...wat.
Yes, people really do think that. Don't ask me why, but people just believe in it.
Like who...?
I'm just curious who said this. People on the forum? On YouTube? People IRL?
A couple of people said it on 860's Containment Breach wiki in the comments, and some others agreed w/ it.

SCP-682 in SCP-860-1?

Before I begin, let me say that I am not trying to flame/put down anyone who believes in this theory. I'm just stating my opinion. Some people have been thinking, or at the most assuming, that SCP-682 will chase you in the forest of SCP-860-1. My response to this: ...:? I just have no idea how this ...

Re: SCP Suggestions General I'm suggesting this SCP because it might be able to play some roles in the game. I have been able to come up with a couple uses that I hope Regalis will look into. 1) A third exit/ending (Gate C) is added into the game where SCP-079 manages to insert itself into SCP-...

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