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Re: Titles

Titles show how much you've posted to the forums. Members with high ranks like Guard or Mobile Task Force are the most active members on the forums while people with titles like Technician or Dr.Bright's Assistant, such as yourself, are more than likely not active or new members.

Re: Favorite Bands?

DropTherapy wrote:tristam, zomboy, karma fields, melano, skrillex, day one, myself, noisia and countless others.

oh and i also like foo fighters
I never liked dubstep much. I do like some electric and synthesized music like the BMS and Mirror's Edge soundtrack

Sound Effects I've Made

Now I'm no Omniary, but while working on the train wreck that was Forums Breach and just messing around with distortions in Audacity, I made a few decent sounding effects. Some of them were used in Forums Breach, and others are just gonna collect digital dust on a desolate folder on my computer. You...

Re: I think I found the secret(s) in Dr. L's monitor

Might just be placebo, but I found a face that kinda looks like the one from "I'M SCARED". I'm Scared face for reference Wow I feel like a "UFO Sighting confirmed 100%" fag with all these circles EDIT: It's the PD Plane! The red boxes in ...

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