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Re: Audio Requests

Sounds like a good audio.........But I dont think 096 Cries but Its....I Think its Good and it would make the game Scarier But i dont really See SCP-096 crying like a human Because as far as i know it is unable to Vocally Cry like that, You see SCP-096 Rage Audio Is inhuman Screeching,And this is Hu...

Re: SCP Suggestions General

I have A very good Suggestion You guys may not take the first one Seriously Though, First i was thinking you could put SCP-1489/Benny in the Game, Although He would Be Docile And would have Quotes based on his Inappropriate nature. I think its a good idea for one But i doubt you will add it. Now on ...


Im saying it is very well possible for him to Destroy a Helicopter in one blow, in the game 096 brings out the Wild/Predatory Side of it, it Just doesnt bring out its True strength in the game. He Just doesnt React to A cointainment breach the way he Should. He doesnt really Attempt to Escape as muc...


I have come to agree On your Idea Steelpoint, Some SCP are capable of Conversation The only 2 That are Capable of it, and do not currently have this Feature Gamewise are, 049 and 682. Therefore I believe it would be a good idea to add such Behavior to SCP-049.

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