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Re: SCPCBIrrlicht

what the fuck is that not using unity irlicht what in god's name is this anyways, we should probably rerail the thread, so i'll ask a relevant question: Are you going to be doing anything unique with any of the SCPs? For example, will 106 have some special behaviors such as walking through one poin...

Re: SCPCBIrrlicht

juanjpro wrote:

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virtual bool refineItem(REFINE_SETTINGS setting,irr::core::aabbox3df intake,irr::core::aabbox3df output,Item*& result);
Yay! 914!

On a slightly off topic note, how long did it take you to learn C++? It looks like you're really good at it.

Re: 3rd person

PXLSHN wrote:In my opinion, a third person mode in SCP:CB would simply destroy the gameplay. It would pretty much kill all the experience of the First Person Horror Survival.
Not to mention that it would ruin the fact that D-9341 is supposed to be you.

Re: No more updates

FoxMccloud64 wrote:Suburface sounded way cooler tho
It was renamed to Barotrauma because there were issues with the name Subsurface:
  • It was the name of an indie game studio
  • It was the name of a dive log program
So it was hard to find by Googling.

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