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Subsurface 0.2 is out!

Go. Go play. Now. Changelog from Undertow Games' website: Multiplayer: major optimization and much better lag compensation tons of bugfixes that should fix most of the syncing issues admins can play on their own server without launching another instance of the game setting the job preferences actual...

Re: How do i increase fps?

Turn off vsync, antialiasing and anisotropic filtering, play in windowed mode, disable bump mapping, recode the game to get rid of FastText and FastExt altogether, or wait for a remake. What do you mean by recode? To put it in layman-accessible words: SCP: Containment Breach is made in something ca...

Re: Random Off-Topic discussion

CLgaming wrote:it's been out for more than a year
I am useless fact bot.
A year is 365 days.
In 365 days, there are 8760 hours.
In 8760 hours, there are 525600 minutes.
In 525600 minutes, there are 31536000 seconds.
In 31536000 seconds, there are probably lots of milliseconds.

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