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Re: SCP-914 Forum Game

D-9999 wrote: Input: A YouTube Poop
Setting: 1:1
(How come whenever I post something, the entire thread goes silent?..)

Output: Another YouTube Poop, but mocking/using the assets of something else(i.e. put in a spongebob-related YTP, get a super mario super show YTP)

Input: an NES
Setting: Very Fine

Re: Dev Topic #4

Uhhhh.... I don't know if it's just me but the site appears to have been infected by adds and viruses because almost every time I click on something an ad pops up. And there's ads everywhere. Try getting AdBlock+. It's free, and works really effectively. SCP-239 likely won't get put in either becau...

Re: SCP-895 Picture

It doesn't say, but all hallucinations as far as we can see have been live. It probably affects video feed, for example recording with a video camera and the hallucinations stay. But if, for example, you take a picture of it with an old camera without a preview display, it wouldn't be affected.

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