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Re: Live inside SCP-682

Lets not let my "pirate booty" become to topic of this thread, we shall focus on what this thread was originally meant for. Well, unfortunately we might not be able to focus on what the thread was meant for, as the schematic apparently crashes map editors. The schematic viewer I downloaded seems to...

Re: Live inside SCP-682

yonzo_rikuo wrote:
RancidBuffalo wrote:Seriously though, I'm quite curious as to what it actually looks like in-game. PM me a screenshot if you can.
you can download the crack version
Or not. I have no interest in contributing to piracy, thank you very much.

Re: Steam allows Workshop creators to charge for mods

I really think the validity of payware addons depends on the game. It doesn't make much sense for games like GMod, Minecraft, and Turbo Dismount, but it makes much more sense for games like FS2004/FSX. I feel like a game developer should be able to select whether to allow payware in the workshop for...

Live inside SCP-682

I've been experimenting with model ripping, and I managed to convert SCP-682 into a Minecraft Schematic. I don't have Minecraft, so I can't actually use it, but if anyone else wants to, they can download it here. Disclaimer: I will not divulge ANY of the methods used to do this, nor will I distribut...

Re: Adding new things to SCP-049

At the end of the SCP-049 page on the wiki, you can see that there was an incident, when SCP-049 got out of it's cell and talked with an unknow SCP which is a mask. (Maybe SCP-035 ?) It say that now, SCP-049 seem more happier now, and sing old church hymns, and try to recomfort his victim before pe...

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