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Re: v1.3 Update

So far, I like the new update. The only problem I had with is was that some audio files names were changed, and moved to different locations, so that kinda messed with mods.

Re: [1.3.X] More SCPS Mod (V.2.0 Released!) The secret was meant to make a reference to a popular mod (can be anyone :3). You need to check thoroughly on the main game (1.3.1) and my mod. Piece it together and you will know. Hints: Data (my mod) and GFX (main game, 1.3.1) Going to take a guess that it has something to do ...

Re: Few Suggestions for 1.3.2

I remember there being syringes in the medibay, although they were part of the map so they were just aesthetic. So what if the syringes were items you could pick up, and some of them have the chance of curing SCP-008 if you're infected with it? If they don't cure SCP-008, I imagine they could give ...

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